The Ballad Of The Pink Beret

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

We knew the decline had been ongoing for a while.  This is simply the Army adopting the St. Paul school method.  The student didn’t fail, there is no fail, there is only quit. If the student didn’t quit, then the student must have passed.  Good job, here’s your participation award.

The author deplores lowered standards but misses the point – none of the standards matter.  What matters is: can you do the job?  For that, we must define the job.  If it’s going hand-to-hand against elite enemy soldiers, then yes, these girls are going to die.  But is that the job of the Green Berets anymore?

Maybe the job of modern Green Berets is to parade around wearing the uniform to convince congresswomen who are fixated on feminism that they should siphon money away from the Neanderthal Marines so the Army can buy more tanks and helicopters for men who do the actual fighting to use in combat.  Okay, yes, that means Green Berets are now little more than props for the budget presentation, but so what? Advertisers dress up pretty girls to sell products all the time. Congresswomen are the Army’s “customers;” give the customers what they want.

If you’re really interested in debating whether physical standards matter, find some enterprising businessman to organize a reality show.  People who graduated from Green Beret school during the past year will compete against equally ranked recent graduates of other programs.  The best female Green Beret might have placed fifth in her class, for example.  She will parachute into a forest, land-navigate two miles carrying a ruck and rifle to find the target location, then “kill” sentries and destroy an enemy supply dump before escaping a mile away to build a shelter for the night.  Judges will time the run, effectiveness of the attack (grenade, shooting, etc), dump rain on the shelter and score the results.

Next up, the fifth best Force Recon Marine.  On deck, the fifth-best graduate of the equivalent course of the military in the Philippines.  In the hole, the fifth best graduate from Israel.  People love those silly ninja obstacle courses on television.  Let’s see how modern female Green Berets stack up against potential allies and enemies, doing things we would expect actual combat troops to do in the field.

If American girls suck as badly as this author seems to think they will, I bet the show would be a gigantic hit in China and Russia. The only remaining question is: swimsuit competition, or not?

To play devil’s advocate for a moment here – the “Green Berets” (‘ mission is as much about “unconventional warfare” – in other words, going into enemy territory and creating guerrilla groups – as it is about killing sentries and blowing things up (although there’s plenty of that as well).  Part of the job is being able to go deep into enemy territory and use language and cultural skills to create the relationships needed with the indigenous guerrillas.    And women are just fine at language an culture, so that when a team parachutes in to deal with an indigenous culture that has high respect for women, like in Afghanistan or Yemen or…


Let me start over.

If we ever have to fight a war against Cambridge, San Francisco or Portland, female Soecial Forces operators could be useful.

6 thoughts on “The Ballad Of The Pink Beret

  1. The Army could convince a skeptic such as myself, by having one of their female SF graduates play a game as running back on a pro football team.

    Don’t have to win, don’t even have to score. Just walk to the locker room after the game.

  2. The military was the first “community” to successfully integrate black and whites together, and have them function well.

    It worked because the men were trained, tested and deployed together. The black guys had something to prove and the white guys were convinced when they proved it.

    I’ve read, but cannot confirm, that homos have achieved some level of acceptance, and I believe it because unless they are fairies, they are men, capable of any man’s physical skills.

    These women will never measure up, and until the armed forces are uniformly sub-standard, they will be seen as pariahs.

  3. Gosh, I’d love to deploy with you guys, but I plan on getting pregnant tonight . . .
    [three months later]

    Gosh, half of you got killed on that deployment? That sucks! The baby? Aborted it last week. Hey I’m up for OTC, so I better not hang out with you guys any more.

  4. Back in the day, even if you met all the standards, you could fail due to peer evaluation. Sounds like they got rid of that as well.

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  6. Yikes. I remember the ROTC students back in college making fun of the physical standards because anyone in halfway good shape could meet them, and now–OK, allegedly and by anonymous sources, true–this?

    Sounds like a good opportunity for someone to raise some Hell if it’s true. We were promised that physical readiness standards would not change, and even leaving some room for adapting them to new realities and knowledge, that would appear to be a flat out lie. Time to apply the honor codes most of those officers learned at West Point–We will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those among us who do.

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