We Never Had This Problem With Willard Scott

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails in re Matt Lauer:

The biggest name on your most popular program routinely engages in sexual assault in his office but nobody in the world’s largest news organization knows anything about it?  Is everybody in management related to Sergent Shultz?

And yet the media insists I should trust them to fairly and accurately report the news because they have legions of professional investigative reporters and editors with layers and layers of fact checkers.

Joe Doakes

Funny, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “We Never Had This Problem With Willard Scott

  1. The news about Mr. Tingles Chrissy Matthews being a bombastic and abusive coworker, seems to have disappeared fairly quickly. But, I guess berating female staffers, isn’t as bad as sexual advances at MSNBC.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure nobody noticed that Lauer’s office was the only one without a window in the door, and I’m sure nobody signed off on his door closer, etc.. You know they looked the other way at obvious fornication, and the big question is how much of an indication they had that it wasn’t exactly consensual.

  3. Ok, that was one sentence with 12 words including “if”, “the”, “and” and “a”. I am just curious now what triggered moderation hell.

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