Much Ado About S______es.

News flash: President Trump said something offensive.


The is sure, but can’t confirm it beyond Dick Durbin – a man with a long record of practicing the ethics of convenience – and repeated by the Dems’ stenographers in the media, which only stops them when the subject is a Democrat, but whatever, but whatever; it’s one of the reasons I trust a used car salesman with an untreated gambling addiction more than the institution of the media.

Anyhoo, the President ostensibly referred to certain nations – as distinct from people – as “S***h**es”.

My dislike of Trump goes back, uninterrupted, to the mid-eighties – but let me break this down for you:

If you are referring to a society where the vast majority of the people are short of basic necessities like food, water and jobs because the “government” runs things for the benefit of a kleptocratic ruling “elite” (in the same sense that the Crips, MS13 or the Mafia are “ruled by an elite”) – as in much of subsaharan Africa, and a fair part of Asia and Central and South America – the President may have had a point.

If you are talking about a society that brags about having a culture hundreds or thousands of years old – but all of that cultural history is marked by feudal warlordism, systematic devaluation of the individual, mass murder, indentured servitude and serfdom, systematic ignorance of human rights and endless cycles of variations on single-person or single-party rule, the President isn’t that far off.

If you’re talking about a culture that we’ve had to teach how to stop herding people into death camps at bayonet-point in living memory, or a country where very significant numbers of people were perfectly happy to send their neighbors of an inconvenient ethnicity to their deaths for 13 pieces of silver, or one where millions of people long for the return of the most bloodthirsty tyrant of all time? The President may have been wrong in the literal sense, but not moral or metaphorical ones. `

And if you live in an American city where the achievement gap and the gap between the gentrified “haves” and the ghettoized “have nots” is approaching third-world levels, crime is rising even as the national crime rate is plummeting, and the public debt bubble is growing to catastrophic levels, and the leadership’s response is to virtue-signal about minimum wages and police shootings?

The President wasn’t referring to you, but to foreign countries. So far. But he’s not far off.

I didn’t vote for Trump. But some of the people howling about his (alleged) remarks really need to broaden their focus. All humans are created equal before God and the Law (whether their rulers acknowledge it or not), but all governments and nations are not.

Anyone who disagrees is invited to live in Venezuela until further notice. Which isn’t saying “America – love it or leave it”; it’s saying “History: learn it or end up on the wrong side of it”.

8 thoughts on “Much Ado About S______es.

  1. It is progressive’s dream to turn the entire world into a s*hitole. Because they believe they are the elite and will lord over the unwashed. Boy, are they in for a surprise that progressives are many but a elite are few. But then history has never been their strong suit.

  2. Whether it’s their dream to turn the whole world into Venezuela, one thing I still cannot fathom for the life of me is why progressives never seem to clue in to what seems to happen to every country they control–for that matter, every state and city. Unless they’re buttressed by federal dollars or North Sea oil, it’s virtually a 100% failure rate.

  3. A sh*thole is a latrine, isn’t it? A place no one goes to unless they have to, and leaves as soon as they are able. The only two socialist countries left on Earth (North Korea and Cuba) are sh*tholes. For most of the 20th century Russia and Eastern Europe were sh*tholes.
    The United States is not a sh*thole, though fringe elements of the Right, and mainstream elements of the Left would probably describe it that way.

  4. bikebubba, Leftists believe that whatever system socialists put into place is better than the racist, capitalist system it replaced. They believe that the racist US is more of a hellhole than Haiti. Leftists will lie to themselves about this. Back during the cold war, I repeatedly heard the claim (even in textbooks!) that Stalinism was no worse than the rule of the czar — Stalinism was never compared the actual parliamentary system Lenin & Stalin overthrew to install socialism.

  5. Why do we have a border? To regulate who gets in. Why regulate – aren’t we required to take everybody, the wretched, the poor, the huddled masses? No, that’s a poem, not national policy. Why should doctors or scientists be preferred to rapists or serial killers; or educated hard-working European Christians be preferred to illiterate unskilled Sub-Saharan Africans or Central Americans?

    Because the United States is not a refugee camp. It is a nation built on a set of shared cultural beliefs: the rule of law, equality before the law, merit. An intelligent and rational immigration policy would select in favor of immigrants who enhance and reinforce our national strengths, rather than drag down the nation with unproductive, unassimilable dead weight.

    To tell swimmers in the water “there’s no room in the lifeboat for you” is hard-hearted. To tell swimmers in the water “sure, everyone pile in” until the boat sinks, is stupid.

    Trump’s phrasing is vulgar but his national security analysis is dead on: why are we taking people from shitholes? Why not Norwegians?

  6. Norway isn’t a shithole today, but they’re working on it. We don’t need any Socialist Norwegians either. In fact, we don’t need to be importing anyone.

  7. Dirty Dick Durbin has a history of lying to get something he wants. It’s being reported now that he did lie about Trump’s use of the word shithole, wanting to use it as a bargaining chip on DACA.

    Funny. This is the same two faced slime ball that called for the end of chain migration on the senate floor in 2010.

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