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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

People who snuck into the country should be deported; but if they’re law-abiding while here, there’s no urgency.

People who snuck into the country and committed crimes while here are worse, so President Trump has prioritized them for deportation.

Lawyers for illegal immigrants are now seeking pardons for their state crimes, so criminal illegals can stay in the pool of not-urgent deportations.  Governor Brown of California issued pardons specifically to interfere with federal immigration enforcement efforts.

Just as Not Guilty doesn’t equal Innocent, Pardoned doesn’t equal Law-Abiding.  We were willing to cut you a break for compassionate reasons but this kind of gamesmanship underscores the seriousness of the problem of immigration abuse by immigrants and Liberals alike, and my sympathy flies out the window.

You don’t like us going after criminals first?  Fine.  We’ll go after every illegal immigrant but only in states that defy us.  Pull every Border Patrol agent out of every other state for a two week sweep through California.  Start with nannies and gardeners in Hollywood and Sacramento but don’t just pick up the illegals, go after their employers too.  Let’s see if they still think resistance is fun when their legal defense bills arrive.

And when Congress gets back in town, we demand special legislation that makes receipt of federal funds dependent on cooperation with federal immigration officials.  No more sanctuary cities, or no more money.

The Resistance is a big swamp and it’s not just in Washington.  Drain the whole thing.

Joe Doakes

Lots of training to do.

Too much even for two terms.

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  1. In addition to “a two week sweep through California” we should be cheering and jeering the #MeToo crowd on with gusto for one simple reason: people like Weinstein and Hollywood in general, are a huge source of campaign funding for the likes of Klobuchar, Smith, Baldwin, Ellison etc. If Hollywood fundraisers are tied up with harassment related legal issues and collapsing personal empires they won’t be writing the big check for flyover country. As long as the #MeToo thing keeps rolling the pols will be very cautious who the let front for them at fund raisers. While its unlikely that its possible to break the link between Hollywood and the Democrat party we can, by provoking the #MeToo rabble, certainly tarnish the brand.

  2. America got who it voted for, without question. But the danger of Trump is not entirely on his shoulders. Yes, he is unfit for the job, but perhaps even more so he is releasing many problems that have been pent up, after being pushed down the road by successive administrations and congresses. The “temporary” El Salvadoran refugees is a classic example. It is really Trump’s fault that he refused to continue the fiction that they deserved temporary refugee status, 17 years later? The presence of Trump is revealing many of the failings of the Washington elite’s past, because he is either refusing to or is incapable of managing dozens of issues that have been left in limbo for years. If we have a Democratic congress next year, they will be under enormous pressure to act on many issues they would prefer to avoid, just as the Republicans have been this past year (they have largely failed to act).

  3. Most, no all, of those criminals snuck in here from shit hole countries.

    Mexico depends on narco trafficking for a big portion of it’s GDP…Dos Equis and burritos don’t cut it. El Salvador sends us murderous MS13 gangsters (the assassination brothers on Breaking Bad were modeled after MS13). Somalia sends us ISIS recruits to feed, clothe, educate and send back to kill US soldiers.

    There isn’t one nation in Africa that isn’t a shit hole except South Africa, and the black majority there is reducing it to rubble as fast as they can; it will be a shit hole within a decade.

    Haiti? Man I thought that shit hole had sunk into the ocean…what good is global warming?

  4. It is the original law which is arbitrary and capricious. Trump, in this instance, is simply acting in good faith with a bad law. If his actions force Congress to arrive at an equitable and workable compromise, then that is good news. If that compromise covers illegals as well as TPS refugees, even better.

    Should we limit immigration? Yes, otherwise chaos would erupt. But the limiting criteria should be a hefty fee (or auction) to be paid off by the immigrant over the length of their stay, rather than quotas and preferences for relatives. A sizeable but equitable speed bump makes for a better system than a wall. That coupled with a better system to ensure that employers only employ legally authorized workers is the reform we need. Are immigrants a problem in the US? Not a big problem. Is the immigration system in deep need of reform? Absolutely. I’m with Trump on this one.

  5. There isn’t one nation in Africa that isn’t a shit hole except South Africa

    You are wrong, swiftee. Namibia is much, much more stable than SA and divide is growing. Folks from there dread venturing into SA. Generalization is not your friend – stop falling for Shvonder-eTASS tactics.

  6. Yes, he is unfit for the job, but perhaps even more so he is releasing many problems that have been pent up, after being pushed down the road by successive administrations and congresses.

    So which is it, Shvonder-eTASS? is he unfit, or fit because he is DOING HIS JOB!? My, you are one hypocritical schizophrenic fuck.

  7. Oh, and we do not need no stinking wall. A clearcut strip with a mine field will do just fine. Talk about cheap and a 100% deterrent.

  8. When Dems look at Cali, they see a Republican state that was successfully transformed into a Democratic state by immigration, legal and illegal.
    They want immigration to do to the rest of country what it has done to California. They will never accept any compromise on open immigration. Ask a Democrat what they think the upper limit on immigration should be. They will not tell you because they do not believe that there should be an upper limit on immigration. They would replace every working American with an immigrant, if they could.

  9. jpa: I doubt Trump runs for a second term. He doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself, and frankly there are signs of dementia already.

    It’s very hard to judge how smart somebody is, at a distance. Trump seems to know very little about the world, history, or economics, but he’s clearly not stupid. Is Trump tough? His ego seems to be about as fragile as a adolescent going through puberty. He won’t accept responsibility for his mistakes, he changes his mind a lot, and he lies when he finds himself cornered. I don’t remember him ever making a tough decision, one where he might personally suffer to accomplish a greater good. He won’t stand and take it when being criticized, or admit that some or all of the criticism has some merit. I don’t associate any of that with tough, but maybe you have your own definition.

    Everything I know or have seen about Trump says he is unfit for the job, as I see the job. That’s just my opinion, but it’s not because of what the late night comics or CNN have to say (I watch little TV). It’s based on his demonstrated lack of knowledge about almost anything, and his inability to express thoughts coherently. I view those as basic qualifications for the position, and his lack of ability limits what he can achieve.

  10. It’s based on his demonstrated lack of knowledge about almost anything,

    The reason a president has advisors. The leftist fixation with our elected officials being the “smartest person in the room” has resulted in presidents, governors, senators, etc. that were wonderful micro-managers (Hint: That’s not a good thing). It’s better to have the person who hires the “smartest person in the room.” Shit will get done, and competently.

    and his inability to express thoughts coherently.

    Sort of like the president’s predecessor whenever he went off-teleprompter? An inability to express oneself is not a reliable indicator of intelligence. Mathematicians, engineers, and scientists can be really bright people who don’t exactly emit flowery oral prose when speaking publicly.

  11. I would add the phrase Off The Teleprompter to the end of the sentence”..inability to express thoughts coherently” and that post is an accurate (and unintentional) description of 2009-2016.


  12. So, Shvonder-eTASS, based on your diagnosis of sTrumpet’s dementia, should Pelosi be let anywhere near machinery larger than a tic-tac? Never mind being a senator? Or fainting, lying, conniving sHrillary for that matter? Oh wait, you did vote for sHrillary. Yep, you just proved you are indeed a hypocritical schizophrenic, logic-challenged troll. Your penchant for digging your own holes is only matched by Pelosi. Off with you… There is a sport under the bridge that needs to be warmed up so that a poor homeless person can find a refuge.

  13. Funny you’d mention Namibia, JPA. I was managing an install project at a Chinese plant (BMW vendor) couple months ago, and the Chinese guy in charge of the overall project had just come from Namibia. He had a lot of enthusiasm for the place.

    You may not know this, I didn’t, but Namibia is a Chinese colony in all but name. They are investing billions, and yes, it’s bringing up the standard of living and enforcing stability. Why? Uranium, my boy, yellow cake uranium. And access to build a naval base.

    Check out the exhortations of innocence from SWAPO, the ruling party in Namibia. “We nebber dindoo nuffin wrong!”:

    But yeah, I guess I have to concede, and alter my statement. There isn’t one self sufficient nation in Africa that isn’t a shit hole except South Africa….for now.

  14. You may not know this

    But I do! Been there and going back again (fingers crossed) this year.

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