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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails

60 million receiving Social Security, 120 million paying into it, a 2-to-1 ratio of workers to beneficiaries.  We’ve reached the level of the Ponzi scheme pyramid where the scam becomes unsustainable.

How to save it?  Maybe start by eliminating payments to non-citizens.   Why not, they can’t vote you out of office and the rest of us certainly will.  Side benefit – money is fungible.  Every dollar we don’t send to non-citizens living in Mexico is a dollar to Build The Wall and have Mexico pay for it.  Campaign promise kept!

Joe Doakes

I can hear the sputtering already.

2 thoughts on “Top Heavy

  1. Can’t agree–a great portion of those non-citizens receiving payments paid in. If you want to say to every prospective immigrant “don’t come here because we’ll screw you over because you can’t vote”, go ahead, but I think it will be far better if we all “take our medicine” as SS funding goes tits-up. Start by doing COLAs at the actual inflation rate for starters, and continue to encourage the partially disabled to find work–do a reduction in benefits instead of cutoff and see how many find good work.

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