Carrying Ellison’s Water

Earlier this morning I wrote a piece about Keith Ellison’s endorsement of fascist thuggery focused against enemies of the Democrat Party.

But I noticed something beyond that.  In the PiPress story on the subject (bylined from the Associated Press).  The article said:

Ellison’s post said the book should “strike fear into the heart” of President Donald Trump.

Which is a grammatically correct construction.  Almost sounds like an educated person speaking proper English.

But this is what Ellison wrote:

He “found the book that strike fear”… into his enemy.

Now, I’m not going to make much of Ellison’s mangling verb tenses on Twitter.  Everyone has their moments.

But why is the AP cleaning up Ellison’s grammar for him?

15 thoughts on “Carrying Ellison’s Water

  1. Duh. Because you can’t have your law school educated party spokesman coming across as an ignorant buffoon as he makes physical threats against his party’s opposition.

    Send a note to the editor? I’m guessing they would not have shown the same courtesy to the President. The veil is off; they’re in the bag for the left.

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  3. Actually, they committed journalistic malpractice. They put something in quotes that wasn’t a quotation. In other circumstances they might be in legal hot water. But hey, we can’t expect journalists to be responsible and sensible now can we? *sheesh*

  4. Nevermind, I just did fake news there and retract my statement.

    Now, is that so hard to do? You’d think that the media could do the same, but it rarely does.

  5. I am sure that his constituents will now think twice before voting for that poor excuse for a human. Bwaaaahaaaahaaaa!

  6. I suspect Ellison wasn’t serious, I also suspect he was saying it to get a rise out of the fascist right.

    That said, maybe not, Keith is not someone I support, maybe he’s just that dense. As far as his grammar goes, Mitch, at least the man can speak in complete sentences and he normally uses the correct proper pronoun. Which is, the Democratic Party, Mitch.

  7. ” . . . the Democratic Party”
    That would be the party that puts its faith, not in the peoples’ elected representatives, but in unelected bureaucrats and judges.
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an abomination. It was purposely created, by democrats, to be beyond the reach of elected officials. The CPFB is not funded by congress, so elected reps can’t even cut them off.

  8. Oh, yes, Penigma. I’m sure that you would be so gracious if a conservative were caught endorsing a book that endorses violence against liberals.

    Sorry, buddy. Sauce for the goose.

  9. I suspect Ellison wasn’t serious, I also suspect he was saying it to get a rise out of the fascist right.

    Who and what is this “fascist right” that you speak of, penny? Just wondering.

  10. Who and what is this “fascist right” that you speak of, penny? Just wondering.

    Berg’s 7th law, JPA. I always find it so amusing when they use that term. The left is FAR FAR more fascist than the right. The left is the side that wants to ban just about everything out there. The only thing not already against the law that part of the right wants to ban is abortion.

  11. Penigma is slow on the uptake, as he does not quite suss out the fact that limited government is not, in fact, compatible with fascism, the bundling (hence the name) of the public and private sectors.

  12. Just curious to see how penny responds. Of course that would mean a departure from his usual poop and run modus operandi. Maybe he thinks I asked a rhetorical question. To clarify, I did not.

  13. Checking in with Penny re “fascist right”. Yep, crickets. Poop and run. As usual.

  14. Seeing that spent penny posted yet another tl;dr screed in a new thread, I decided to check if he addressed “fascist right” question. Nope. That’s a lot of pooping and even more running. As usual.

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