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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:


Lori Swanson is Attorney General of Minnesota.  She’s a busy little beaver:

She’s suing because Trump rolled back Obama’s last-minute internet regulations.

She’s suing because Trump rolled back Obama’s illegal health care payments.

She’s suing because Trump tried to keep terrorists out.

She’s suing because Trump threatens to end Obama’s illegal Dream Act for illegal aliens.

Aside from fielding a team of taxpayer-funded lawyers to litigate Democrat talking points, Ms. Swanson, what is the Attorney General’s job?

What would you say you do here?

Joe Doakes

The honest answer would be “Get some taxpayer-funded chanting points to flog on the stump during a gubernatorial run”.

12 thoughts on “Outside Her Job Description

  1. From NPR
    “The lawsuit noted that Harvard University has over 50 DACA students while Tufts University has more than 25.”

    75 illegals spread between 2 of America’s formerly most elite institutions of higher learning. Remarkable.

    Who is paying the freight? What is the motivation to train citizens of foreign countries, in America illegally?

    “A half-dozen beneficiaries of DACA — young adults from Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and elsewhere, including some now working at law firms or for the state Legislature — flanked Inslee and Ferguson at a news conference in Seattle announcing the lawsuit.”

    Ah yes, just so.

    You see, when we say that leftists hate America, we are not engaging in hyperbole. Where they are not tearing American traditions apart, they subvert them and put them to use as poison pills.

    They’ve even gone so far, according to this report, as to put illegals into positions of influence within our government. The 2nd American civil war has already begun, friends.

    It is becoming clear that Donald Trump is more than an amusing foil, he’s on a mission from God to save America. It gives a sense of urgency to the simplistic MAGA meme, doesn’t it?

  2. Last week Jerry Brown pardoned a bunch of illegals. You see, they had committed felonies & that meant deportation. Unless he pardoned them. Some of the felonies were for gun crimes.
    An American citizen would have been sent to prison. So, in Cali, if you are an illegal alien criminal, you will get better treatment then an American citizen alien.
    It is official policy.

  3. MP, as of Jan1 Cali is officially designated as a Sanctuary State, with all that implies as a matter of state law.

    In 1832, the Great State of South Carolina came into direct conflict with the federal government.

    The Tariff of 1828 was enacted into law during the presidency of John Quincy Adams. South Carolina would have none of it, and and on November 24, 1832, a state convention adopted the Ordinance of Nullification, which declared that the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were unconstitutional and unenforceable in South Carolina.

    The feds backed down, and reduced the tariffs, but the reductions were too little for South Carolina. They got ready to fight.

    On March 1, 1833, Congress passed both the Force Bill—authorizing the President to use military forces against South Carolina—and a new negotiated tariff, the Compromise Tariff of 1833, which was satisfactory to South Carolina. The South Carolina convention reconvened and repealed its Nullification Ordinance on March 15, 1833, but three days later nullified the Force Bill as a symbolic gesture to maintain its principles.

    Disputes continued until, 30 years later all hell broke loose.

    I am all for states defending their rights. So if Cali wants to welcome uneducated, unskilled foreign nationals to their own welfare system, I say good for them.

    But as a citizen of South Carolina, I am ready to defend my state against participation of Cali residents (legal citizens or not, since residency cannot be established) into national politics, and will demand that interstate commercial vehicles from Cali be inspected for the presence of persons who are not US citizens.

  4. Swiftee, first, Cali already has checkpoints to inspect for out-of-state fruit. Just start using them for a more noble purpose. Also if you are advocating building a wall around Cali, start a go-fund-me-account and I will be the first to chip in.

  5. I’m in favor of
    A) A force bill against traitorous leftist states or

    B) A reexamination of a state’s right to seceed

  6. Someone local who is semi-media famous (former radio talker, current podcast host) has seriously considered running for AG with the express purpose of shutting down the office should he win.

  7. Shutting down the office won’t help. You have to shut down the reprobate leftists that sit in the office…with extreme prejudice.

  8. Not quite Bob Davis. He hasn’t been in the media scene in this town for as long as Bob Davis has been. And I doubt Bob would EVER seriously consider running for any office of any kind anywhere.

  9. Whatever happened to the really good idea of arresting Jerry Brown for violating federal law? Or, perhaps, arresting him as an accessory to each and every crime committed by an illegal in the state? Or, perhaps in tandem, a civil suit against the state by any victim of such a crime, maybe even a class action– lawyers would love that. Seek $20 billion in damages.

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