A Sign You’ve Solved All The Serious Crises

Dogs at Los Angeles’ animal shelters may  be going vegan:

The idea was proposed by Commissioner Roger Wolfson, a Hollywood screenwriter who cited research that he contended shows vegan diets “eliminate” many health problems in dogs, which are omnivores. But he said rethinking the dogs’ meals is about far more sweeping matters — the environmental effect of a meat industry that produces the main ingredients in lots of dog food and the ethics of feeding animals to animals.

“We have to embrace the fact that the raising and killing of animals for food purposes must only be done if we have absolutely no other choice,” Wolfson said at the meeting, according to a recording published on a county website. “This is about the long-term survival of every man, woman and child in this room, and all of the people in our lives.”

While “progressives” are all about “science” when it comes to smooching Bill Nye’s hindquarters or browbeating fundamentalists, it’d seem they’re swimming against the scientific current here…:

The city’s chief veterinarian, Jeremy Prupas, was not convinced. In a report to the commission, he recommended rejecting the proposal, saying that it could deprive dogs of sufficient protein, calcium and phosphorus and that it could be inadequate for injured, pregnant or lactating pups. Prupas said he’d consulted three clinical nutritionists at veterinary medical schools, one shelter medicine specialist and a veterinary toxicologist who works with a pet food company. None endorsed vegan dog diets, he testified.

Oh, yeah – and vegan dog food, not unlike vegan human food, costs four times as much as the regular stuff.

Which is all fine, if you’re just playing “government dress-up” with other peoples’ money.

Which is another way of saying “California”.

Although if it passes in LA, look for Alondra Cano to propose it in short order in Minneapolis.

5 thoughts on “A Sign You’ve Solved All The Serious Crises

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  2. Wolfson is a Vassarette; he doesn’t actually do any work there. That probably also explains his surplus of masculinity shown in recommending vegan diets for animals that need a ration of Vitamin B12,not to mention complete proteins, fats, and minerals.

    This really indicates as well that the PETA crowd hates animals.

  3. They’re leftists, so the motivation is insane, naturally, but a vegan diet might be cheaper. I’m all for cheaper.

  4. Not cheaper, because vegan diets for dogs are fortified with the good stuff you need to keep a dog healthy without meat. Hence they cost a lot more.

    But that noted, they could be safer. There was a fair amount of “research” in the 1800s that found that putting bears on vegan diets made them less aggressive, research that was sadly replicated in orphanages to make the children more manageable. Dickens refers to this in “Oliver Twist” where the mortician is rebuked for feeding his new child meat–the boy therefore getting the notion that he ought not be treated as a dog.

    So if (as I’d guess) a fair number of the inmates of the LA humane society are gangbangers’ pit bulls and such, I am just fine with feeding them a ration of brown rice or something like that. That noted, I’m guessing that this is NOT what they’re wanting to do.

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