Berg’s Seventh Law Is Universal And Inviolable

Gun violence prevention control grouips are fond of whipping up “popular” anger against “the gun lobby” – portrayed as an immense, boundlessly wealthy group of heartless white guys with three piece suits and cigars, cackling with glee at the deaths of innocent children.  Big Left has worked overtime to try to demonize civil rights groups, especially the NRA, as 900 pound gorillas that the plucky criminal-safety advocates can’t possibly compete with.

So what’s the truth?

As always – read Berg’s Seventh Law:  “When a Liberal issues a group defamation or assault on conservatives’ ethics, character, humanity or respect for liberty or the truth, they are at best projecting, and at worst drawing attention away from their own misdeeds.”.

And the Law will lead you to the truth.    It always does:

After compiling the numbers we discovered pro-gun control candidates received more than six times more money than pro-gun rights candidates on the issue.

Last year, the largest recipient of campaign cash from pro-gun rights groups in Oregon was Laura Morett. The Republican candidate for state representative and former “Survivor” reality show contestant received $10,132.86 total from the Oregon Firearms Federation and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Despite the infusion of cash, Morett was not successful in defeating state Rep. Paul Evans, D-Salem.

“But Mitch – that’s Oregon!”

The ration is even more lopsided in Minnesota, where the antis outspent the good guys nearly 10:1 in the 2016 legislative elections.



29 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law Is Universal And Inviolable

  1. What I find fascinating is 1) if you ask any Democrat for a white paper on what they want in gun policy, they never, ever produce one. As I am voter that is interested, I find all of their rhetoric vague. 2) Bloomberg obviously never, ever spends a penny on media training for the local anti-gun leaders.

    Why is this? Because it’s about raw power, not good policy.

  2. It’s the same with “Citizens United”. Reprobate leftists tear their hair out because corporations can donate cash, but since the decision was handed down, donations to reprobate leftists (mostly from unions) have topped American candidates for national office x100 each year.

    I pre-pay my NRA dues 3 years in advance, but I always drop in cash to the NRA booth at the gun shows I attend 4 – 5 times a year. It’s one of the most satisfying expenditures I make.

    I am the NRA.

  3. Swiftee wrote:
    “It’s the same with “Citizens United”. Reprobate leftists tear their hair out because corporations can donate cash, but since the decision was handed down, donations to reprobate leftists (mostly from unions) have topped American candidates for national office x100 each year.”
    Corporations aren’t people? Corporations are groups of people united by a common interest. US Code #1:
    the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals;
    Thayt has been in the code since the 18th century. What the Left does not like is that corporations of any kind — even your local Little League outfit — have competing interests with the pokitical state. Their is no greater example of liberal fascism than the desire by “progressives” to consolidate power & place all social institutions under control of the State. You think marriage was an institution ordained by God? Guess again, buddy. It’s an institution ordained by the State, or so says 5 of 9 Supreme Court justices.

  4. Funny you should say that, Swiftee.

    People scoff at me when I say it, but the most satisfying day of my life was the day I could finally afford to buy a Life Membership in the NRA.

    I love my wife and kids, I worked hard for my degrees, I’ve gone places and done things most people never will (and if I’m honest, I shouldn’t have, either), but that was the day when I knew I had made it. I could afford to indulge myself and I did. There were times since when I was reduced to counting the change in my pocket but I’ve never regretted the decision. Proudest day of my life.

  5. Mamm, when a reprobate leftist hears “3M”, or “Ford”, they picture the little rich guy from Monopoly (BTW, his name is “Uncle Pennybags”).

    They are too thoroughly indoctrinated, stupid, or both to realize privately held Corporations are the sum of the work done by the employees, and public Corps are the sum of the share value which is a direct reflection of the work done by the employees…either way, it’s people.

    Even the CEO and Board of Directors; people.

    Corporations without people are logos. Logos can hang on the wall, or can be applied to cars as stickers, but logos don’t have any cash; logos cannot vote; logos cannot donate. (Logos don’t have a gender at all! OMG!)

    Try to explain that to a reprobate..(just kidding, don’t waste your time).

    Joe, congratulations on your well earned success, and your wise investment in the finest civil rights advocacy group in the free world. I have thought about buying a life membership, but every time I think to do it, I remember there is a rifle or pistol I desperately want, and go with that. Yes, I’m ashamed of that.

    Memberships are dirt cheap; $30 / year. Everyone can afford that, and everyone should be paying in. Most gun shows will give you free admittance if you sign up with the NRA.

    You get a badass hat that you can wear to the local coffee shop, look around and announce “$5 for coffee? I can buy a box of 5.56 rounds for that!” and walk out. You get 2 super cool stickers…I used to slap one on my truck and slap the extra one on a Volvo with lots of moonbat stickers on it (NRA stickers DO NOT come off easy).

    NRA memberships make moonbats cry, and it’s *always* good to make moonbats cry. I’m sure that all of the Real Americans that visit SITD are card carrying NRA members whether they own firearms or not…right?

  6. CentralBanking… Woohoo!!! I got a Repug to seek to have me banned because he doesn’t like that I pin him and those like him on the truth.

    Here’s a policy for you.

    Individual ownership of firearms is permitted, as is state controlled conceal and open carry. However, as Mcdonald’s dicta clearly indicated was permissible, what is not permitted…

    Nuclear Weapons
    Artillery and Mortars
    Explosive Rounds of any form
    Possession of Explosives except for a specific purpose by a licensed explosives user (e.g. mining, farming use in short term application/approval)
    Automatic Weapons or any device intended to accelerate the ability of the shooter to fire the weapon at faster than one full, normally operating trigger pull for the weapon (no “bump stocks”)
    Class III or higher personal body armor
    Any weapon which can be fitted with a magazine holding more than 10 rounds which fires in a semi-automatic (gas or spring fed) mode where one trigger pull fires one round whether such trigger pull is the only action required or such trigger pull is augmented/enabled by holding/depressing a key/safety or other such device reasonably determined to be in place for the purpose of bypassing the regulation.
    Any magazine of any form or any weapon of any form holding more than 10 rounds, including any round held “in the chamber”.
    ANY Federal law requiring conceal carry reciprocity as it’s a violation of state’s rights. While Congress shall not prevent the right of the people to keep an bear… they also MAY NOT, not at least without violating the 10th Amendment, require one state to submit to the will of another state. If you “Constructionists” support reciprocity, you’re all the height of BS artists, you don’t believe in construction at all.

    What is permitted,
    Pump-Action or Lever Action weapons holding no more than 9 rounds
    Semi-Automatic weapons which
    Revolvers and Semi-Automatic pistols which can only be fitted with magazines holding 9 rounds or fewer
    Magazines capable of holding more than 9 rounds
    Currently owned (as of 1/1/20SEVENTEEN) semi-automatic weapons which can accept magazines holding more than 10 rounds, provided however, that the owner surrenders all magazines they own which hold more than 10 rounds and attest under penalty of law that they have surrendered all such magazines

    There you go. You have EVERYTHING you need to hunt and to provide for your self-defense and all of it is ABSOLUTELY constitutional.

    Best – and waiting to watch your head’s “Splode” – Penigma.

  7. Pen,

    Could you care to provide a link to the “Dicta” in McDonald (or, heck, even Heller) in which shopping lists of classes of weapons were spelled out in the level of detail you so very specifically ran off?


    After you’re done with that, please get your Democrat friends to go to State Houses around the country to campaign to give that list the force of law. I truly sincerely beg of you.



  8. Penigma/peev or should I call you Mr Bryant (see reference to Bryant’s Law) you’ve obviously got a very limited exposure to hunting; for instance Coyote hunting is ideal for a 5.56 with a 30 round mag – coyotes are very fast and never let you get close to them so anything less than a 20 round mag is a waste of time – same with wild boars, if you make them angry they don’t run away they come after you in what very rapidly becomes an existential interspecies contact. My point; what you suggest is wholly inappropriate for hunters and it is inappropriate because you don’t understand what you are talking about.

    As for all the things that would be banned in your unicorn ravaged landscape how would ANY of them prevent even ONE felonious death?

    So Mr Bryant(?) delineate how your Dream list would save lives!

  9. All,

    I do in fact respect peoples’ requests for anonymity, unless they do something that seriously deserves public opprobium or caution – which Penigma has not.

    (I also ask for those who post anonymously or pseudonymously not to abuse it. A poorly-thought-out argument is not abuse.

  10. Also, Pen,

    If you want my head to “explode”, you’ll need to bring a much stronger argument than you brought, and that’s even if you can find a shopping list of guns in the dicta to McDonald.

    Which I’m sure is forthcoming.

    You have EVERYTHING you need to hunt and to provide for your self-defense and all of it is ABSOLUTELY constitutional.

    Two answers to that.

    First: You need to bone up on self-defense. The average cop in the typical violent encounter hits their target less than a sixth of the time. That is to say, 2-3 hits in a 15 round magazine.

    If your attacker is drunk, high or dissociative, 2-3 hits mqy not be enough to stop them. And if you have more than one attacker, 15 rounds runs short very very fast. Being arbitrarily limited to “nine rounds” is ludicrous.

    I’ve reported on multiple cases of self-defense where civilians engaged multiple armed attackers, and prevailed solely because they used AR15s in self defense. 30 rounds goes very very very fast in those situations. Heck, a few years ago in my neighborhood there was a rash of armed smash and grabs involving four attackers. You do the math. No, wait – you’re not a conservative; I’ll do the math. Four attackers, in the dark, adrenaline and confusion aplenty. Your arbitrary limit (excuse me – the limit which you assure us was in the dicta from McDonald) passes neither moral, logical nor technical muster.

    Second: If I – with a spotless criminal record and ample practice using and securing firearms – own an AR15 with holographic optics and a bag of 40 round Magpul magazines, they are also ABSOLUTELY constitutional. No problem.

    Pen, as i said – get your Democrat friends to take your shopping list to the Capitol next session and propose it as a bill. I’ll support you!

  11. AGS
    when I was 17 the NRA offered a Life Membership that you could pay for on a quarterly basis over a 2 year period so I took them up on the offer and haven’t regretted it for a moment.
    For the longest time my favorite thing was calling WCCO/KSTP/KARE/MPR etc whenever the referred to the NAACP as America’s Oldest Civil rights Organization and asking for a correction. Used to be they were polite but for the last few years more often than not they just hang up on me. So now I send emails too, sometimes I even write letters!

  12. Currently owned (as of 1/1/20SEVENTEEN) semi-automatic weapons which can accept magazines holding more than 10 rounds, provided however, that the owner surrenders all magazines they own which hold more than 10 rounds and attest under penalty of law that they have surrendered all such magazines

    I heard about this law passing in Cali. I didn’t hear about it on a federal level, and I’m sure I would have, if it was indeed coincidental to the McDonald decision.

    Are you sure you’re not applying Cali restrictions to a federal level?

    I went to the 1995 NRA convention in Mpls. You could buy a lifetime membership back then for $300 and yes, paid off quarterly for 2 years. I declined because I didn’t trust my ability to reliably come up with $37.50 of toy money every 3 months. The next time I investigated, it had been raised to $1000. Unwise decision on my part.

  13. Penigma is a “Tenther” now?
    Pen is not only ignorant, he is utterly without principles.

  14. “… he doesn’t like that I pin him and those like him on the truth.”

    I respond to you, and you NEVER respond to me.

    The government is running out of money because voting on central planning and government actuarial science quit working when NAFTA was passed and China opened up.

    So, no.

    You are a leftist moron. A useful idiot.

  15. Why do we vote on stealing from each other?

    Because ALL of the central banks on THE PLANET are too easy.

    Why do they do that?

    You can’t have any geopolitical power unless you do that.

    The inflation tax.

    Asset inflation–which gives the left talking points.

    CPI inflation.

    So everyone wants / needs socialism.

    The Truman Show.



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  17. The problem with Penigma’s constitutional analysis is that it’s reversed, Alice in Wonderland style, from normal constitutional analysis.

    Normal constitutional analysis says rights do not come from the government, they come from God. Our God-given rights existed before the Constitution formed the federal government, so the Constitution can’t “grant” us rights or “allow” us rights, it guarantees the government will not interfere with those pre-existing God-given rights except as specifically permitted.

    Normal analysis of the Constitutionally protected right to free speech is to construe it as broadly as possible including speaking, of course, but also other media of artistic expression such as writing, dancing, gesturing, painting, and soon, I hope, cake decorating. The presumption is that speech should be free from government regulation, which must pass the highest levels of scrutiny to survive. We got to that place because each court opinion built on the earlier ones to constantly push back government, leaving an ever-wider free space. Liberals fought to advance and expand that free space. They were constantly on the offensive.

    Penigma’s analysis of the Second Amendment flips that procedure. He starts from the narrowest interpretation, presumes the broadest regulations can survive using the lowest level of scrutiny, leaves the smallest possible free space. Liberals fight to restrain and constrict that free space. They are constantly on the defensive.

    If Liberals had applied the gun-rights-model to speech, you’d be allowed to speak your mind only during daylight hours when standing on a soap box at the northwest corner of Central Park, and only so long as you don’t insult the President. That’s not how the American system is supposed to work, it’s exactly the opposite of the American system. Which makes it fair for me to say that Liberals’ analysis of gun rights is Anti-American.

  18. As is typical Penigma does his poop on the carpet and when called and scowled for it he cowers in the corner and won’t come out or respond……pathetic!

  19. “he doesn’t like that I pin him and those like him on the truth.”

    Eunuch stands there and mewls “Chicks dig me!”


  20. Been awhile since we risked a pin head’s droolings here in the ol’ comment threads. Let’s have some fun.

    Teh little Peevee offered:
    “… any device intended to accelerate the ability of the shooter to fire the weapon at faster than one full, normally operating trigger pull for the weapon.”

    The ability of *the shooter* to accelerate his or her weapon firings (here after known as “rate of fire”), is measured in hours of training and rounds expended practicing.

    There are devices that allow a weapon to cycle at an increased rate of fire…that’s what Peevee was trying (and failing) to convey.

    However, even there Peevee is stifled because one doesn’t need a “bump stock” to “bump fire” a semi auto rifle. We were doing it as kids, 30 years ago.

    “Bump stocks” were invented for people without manual dexterity, and without the desire to acquire some. Further, they are completely worthless if your goal is to shoot lots of people.

    In addition to the difficulty in maintaining a rifle’s aim point during automatic fire, a bump stock *still* requires one to hold the rifle in an unnatural position to maintain fire.

    That’s why most of the people killed and injured were struck by ricocheted projectiles and fragments. A skilled marksman would have done much more carnage.

    Against better judgement, naturally, the little Peevee continued:

    “faster than one full, normally operating trigger pull for the weapon.”

    Given all the faults I’ve ground into his feral snout, a bump stock *still* must complete one, full, “normally operating” pull of the trigger for each cycle. That statement is teh stoopid on it’s face, and by itself reflects the complete ignorance of teh little Peevee regarding firearms.

    I’m surprised that as someone who enjoys the frequent company of world renown leaders of industry, science, law and finance, teh little Peevee does not count expert marksman or gunsmiths among his social circle.

    In any case, I do hope teh little Peevee comes back to dance for us some more, now that his pants have been jerked down around his ankles.

  21. Regarding Penigma’s comment, it boggles the mind that one would prohibit body armor. The only reason for that prohibition is to ensure that if the government can put a red dot on your body, you will go down, and also to ensure that residents of dangerous cities do not have the option of (e.g. people working at night) of protecting themselves adequately against random fire.

    All of this is pretty darned contrary to what I have read in the Federalist Papers, to put it mildly. Moreover, I have little confidence that his supposed “plan” that would protect our rights is anything less than a plan to eliminate them. Sorry, but the same story was told to residents of New York City, the District of Columbia, Chicago, California, and….pretty much every nation where mass genocide was practiced in the 20th century.

    Sorry, Pen, but just because some doofus goes to a doofus hotel that does doofus security in a city with a doofus police force and kills a bunch of people is not a reason to infringe on the rights of the law-abiding. It’s reason to ask why the h*** we have such doofii doing security and police work, and how to correct that problem. As Swiftee notes, a guy with a standard semi-auto with ten round magazines could have done that amount of damage given the hour it took the police to arrive. Heck, you could pretty much do that much damage with a bolt action deer rifle in that amount of time.

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