When Even The Left Is Dinging On You…

…as this writer does to Dianne Feinstein, for being not merely “too old”, but too militaristic to serve in the Senate…:

Dianne Feinstein was recently seen at a town hall doing some truly remarkable mental contortions advocating regime change in Syria while simultaneously trying to distance herself from the politically unpopular phrase “regime change” itself. She has supported US military interventionism at every turn, has advocated all new cold war escalations with Russia, at a time in her life when she should really be leaving potentially world-ending decisions like that to the people who will still be here to deal with their consequences.

…well, you know what’s gonna happen, right?

Nothing.  Seniority equals power.  She, like Robert Byrd before her, will be “serving” in the Senate until her the jar holding her brain falls over and breaks.

5 thoughts on “When Even The Left Is Dinging On You…

  1. Unfortunately, I distinctly remember the last time our side screamed for term limits, people who know a lot more about that than I do said the only constitutional way to enact term limits is for each state to pass term limits on their federal representative seats. There is no way to pass federal term limits with the house and senate voting to limit their own terms.

  2. While on one hand, I certainly believe that there are elected persons, on both sides of the aisle that have been in Washington DC far too long, I also believe that every 2 or 6 years those persons come up for election, and the people that they represent, in majority, choose to return them to Washington.

    Something should be done about the gerrymandering of districts that is used by both parties. There should be some sort of prohibition to maps that look like Rohrsach blots instead of just large blocks with few intrusions and protrusions.

    We should limit more the ability of incumbents to use official means as campaign materials. An example in that every email I receive from Rep. Betty McCollum from her official email is full of references to bad things that REPUBLICANS are doing in Washington. Not the opposition, not the majority, but the other party, by name. Rarely does she present a reasoned statement of why she is voting in a certain way, just that she opposes Republicans. But it always reads more as partisan campaign literature than policy communication.

    Now apparently a majority of my neighbors feel that is sufficient reason to return Betty to Washington every 2 years, and who am I to say that my minority feeling that that is insufficient should trump their opinion? And when she can’t be beat at the ballot box, we use other means? Seems wrong.

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