Waiting On The Backlash

When I first saw  this article, I saw it as an example of how Big Left approaches dating and the courtship process,.  I figured that if this was their approach to coupling, they will stop reproducing completely within a generation.

The article is about what “intersectional feminists” should ask on first dates. And the writer establishes their authority with a bang:

As a queer femme of color…

Among “intersectional” theory buffs, calling oneself a “queer femme of color” is similar to walking into a room and saying “I am Amazon’s vice president of development”, or “I am a lieutenant general “.; It’s an exceptionally high rank within the “intersectional” hierarchy. It’s the trifecta of injury sectionalism; gay, female (or at least identifying as such) and some form of “color”.

And I thought – “What prime fisking material”.

And I almost got started with exactly that – until it occurred to me:

  1. This stuff fisks itself.
  2. I trust you, the audience, to read this and fisk it to a fine sheen all on your own.
  3. It brought something else to mind.

And that’s this:   as unlikely as it is that many children will be produced by couples who meet the requirements the author above details, it’s a big country and a bigger world; somewhere, somehow, children will be born and/or adopted.

And then raised in households run by “couples” – I hesitate to call them that, really, since those who start a “relationship” with a lecture on intersectionalism are likely emotional bullies, and those whio’d form couples with them are people who are just fine being bullied.

And then, those offspring will enter their teenage years, and encounter a real world outside the academic identity-mongering victomology-focused bubble their “parents” will raise them in.

And like any teenager, they’ll rebel.  They’ll cast about for their own identity.

All by way of saying, in about 2035 through 2040, I see a wave of popularity for Ted Nugent, for “Playboy” (the vintage ones, not the post-Hef PC variety), and fraternity drinking and hazing like we haven’t seen since the eighties.

It’s inevitable.

11 thoughts on “Waiting On The Backlash

  1. Vintage Playboy? For collectors, maybe.

    Everybody else will be uploading their minds to surf internet pron, except those who can afford the monthly payments on a sexbot.

  2. Joe, I’ve not seen a ton of Hefner’s “art”, but it does strike me that the original idea was that the pretty girl in the centerfold was “the girl next door”, a nice girl who just happened to be available and gorgeous, and that got left behind when breast implants became popular in the 1960s–among other things in those pages.

    Now consider the backlash of those afflicted by SJWs and the like….a portion of them are going to say “I want what my parents hated”, and that’s going to be the two parent nuclear family where Mom stays home with the kids while Dad goes to work, and when they consider literature (?) of the era, it’s going to be the more respectable type with “the girl next door”.

    At least that’s my bet.

  3. If I found myself on a date with someone who asked me a bunch of questions like that, I would be sorely tempted to answer in the most offensive manner possible.

    In all likelihood I would probably just give honest, rational answers that would she would find just as offensive, then I would go look for someone of my own species to date.

  4. 1 question; 1 comment:

    1. What in thee hell are you doing on everyday feminism

    2. From that wretched link, which has, by the way, completely disturbed my Wah on a beautiful, 60 degree sunny day:
    “The personal is political.”

    No, you ignorant twaat. The political is personal. Don’t get within air sharing distance from me.

  5. Part two.

    Since my Wah has been disturbed, here is a picture of this miserable twaat…working her ass off to appear like a hipster, white girl.


    Oh wait, she IS a hipster, white girl you say?….well, listen pal; she don’t identify like that…so stop harassing her.

  6. Wait…not done yet.

    WTF WERE YOU DOING AT everyday feminism? Seriously. Do you need that insanity in your life?

    Take a vacation South. That is all.

  7. Hate to disturb Swiftee’s fun, but reading some of her writing, the writer is apparently half white, a quarter Kenyan, and a quarter Indian, dislikes how her father treated her mother, and is married to a white man. I’m sure her feminism is informed by this, as well as by the fact she claims to have been sexually assaulted at some point. It reminds me of something my wife noted; in her experience, a great portion of radical feminists were women who had been badly hurt, or who had at least claimed to be hurt.

    The author’s list also reminds me of some of the ladies I met while living in Boulder–I think her name was always “Avery” for some reason–and how refreshing it was when a sweet young lady said she enjoyed venison. I took too long to marry her, I think. :^)

  8. “Hate to disturb Swiftee’s fun, but reading some of her writing, the writer is apparently half white, a quarter Kenyan, and a quarter Indian…”

    Yeah, and Obama was born in Hawaii.

    All respect, bb, but while it’s not hard to disturb my Wah, it’s impossible to spoil my fun.

    If that twaat is 1/2 white, she only needs to saw herself through the stomach to make herself right with the Cosmos.

    I’m guessing she needs to swallow a stick of dynamite to get the job done, but I’m a cynic, I admit.

  9. Lara Witt is a Desi-Kenyan writer…

    From Teh Goog:
    Indian – adjective
    adjective: desi; adjective: deshi

    1. local; indigenous.
    rustic; unsophisticated.
    2. unadulterated or pure.
    “desi ghee”

    noun: desi; plural noun: desis; noun: deshi; plural noun: deshis

    1. a person of Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi birth or descent who lives abroad.

    Someone’s brain is sufficiently addled that she is culturally appropriating incorrect descriptors. But I’m sure her response would be that the Google dictionary is a patriarchically and heteronormative resource that is violent to POC.

    She would end up experiencing another PTSD seizure upon being confronted with this information.

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