There Is No Justice In Saint Paul

LInwood “Woody” Kaine was part of an illegal “counterprotest” that devolved with all the spontaneity of a Hillary Clinton flash mob into an organized, violent attack on “March 4 Trump” rally attendees last.

Kaine was originally charged with “obstructing the legal process” –  a gross misdemeanor – as well as “fleeing a police officer” and “concealing identity”.   In a just world – or if he’d been a conservsative – he’d have been charged with some degree of petty terrorism or another.

Which is what the little prick got away with.   One puny misdemeanor and a $150 fine.

John Choi knew he’d never do lunch at the Lex again if the little nancyboy got slapped on the wrist too hard.   .

The patrician son of a high-ranking member of the “progressive” elite got away with being parat of a crowd of wannabe-commandos who punched a 17 year old girl, hit a woman in the head with a burning smoke bomb, and bear-sprayed a group of legal protesters in the face.

10 thoughts on “There Is No Justice In Saint Paul

  1. The antifa who are saying that Trump is Hitler and conservatives are Nazis do so only because they cannot think of anything worse than Hitler or Nazis.
    It would be good if people who believed that they were fighting the ultimate evil would take a moment, stop congratulating themselves for picking the right side in the war of good against evil, and think, for a moment, about what they are licensing themselves to do, and that is to celebrate hatred.

  2. If that little twaat bear sprayed you, now is your chance to sue him. A plea deal, no matter how slight, is an admission of guilt.

    Daddy’s got deep pockets.

  3. Swiftee, note that the conviction is for obstructing the legal process–it says bupkus to the prospects of a civil suit, as far as I can tell. I am inferring that they are protecting the little (redacted) quite well.

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