7 Billion Americans (Paperwork Pending)

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

RINOs demand amnesty for illegal aliens before year-end.

Yes, I know, they’re claiming it’s only for a few people, and they’re doing it for the children, and I’m a hard-hearted bastard for doubting them.  But this is not my first rodeo.  I remember 1986.  I know a camel’s nose when I see one.

“They are American in every way except their immigration status.”  That is precisely correct.  They are NOT Americans, any more than the other 7 billion people on the planet who also are not Americans.  We should treat all Not Americans the same.

It doesn’t matter whether they snuck across the border on their own, or with a friend, or with a parent, or rode here on top of a train.  They had no right to come.  Being here doesn’t give them a right to stay, to bring in their extended families, to work at jobs Americans could have had, to collect welfare benefits Americans pay to help our fellow citizens of America.

No deal.

Joe Doakes

It doesn’t seem too much to ask…

…but I dream.

11 thoughts on “7 Billion Americans (Paperwork Pending)

  1. Here’s a compromise I could live with.

    These illegals can get permanent resident status if:
    – They have no criminal convictions beyond illegally entering the US.
    – Any criminal convictions in future result in deportation without right of appeal.
    – They lose the right to citizenship, forever.
    – Full funding for the border wall.
    – Increased penalties for 2nd illegal entry.
    – Financial penalties for municipalities and states that harbor illegals.
    – Increased funding for ICE.

  2. I would add that a Democrat/RINO voter has to sponsor the illegal, paying their freight, with no public assistance AND pay for their process for citizenship. They need to start putting their money where their lying mouths are. If they aren’t willing to do that, they are heartless, children hating bastards.

  3. Good list, but you forgot to massively increase penalties for people or organizations that employ illegals. And if they do so knowingly, the penalties are increased even more.

  4. Here is a concept that used to work (granted it was in Canadeh gazillion years ago) – when we immigrated, we were sponsored and had to sign off we would not be a burden on the goobernment. Our sponsor paid for us to move, etc (we were penniless) and we paid everything back as soon as we could.

  5. I think that Joe had a typo: “that is precisely -correct” seems to be more what was meant.

  6. I’m thinking step 1 in dealing with the immigration problem is expelling those with felony records and other crimes of violence. Step 2 is to punish employers who hire illegals.

    Then we can see how many people leave, how much welfare rolls go down, and we can figure out how many people to admit under other criteria. Application for the new immigrant visas would be made in the U.S. consulate in their country of origin–that ensures that people have at least a bit of cash and a bit of get up and go.

  7. I finished my last three years of high school overseas. Upon mine and my parents return, I didn’t have residency in any of the 50 states and therefore didn’t qualify for in-state tuition. Yet some states offer in-state tuition to illegals who’ve been residing squatting in the state an adequate amount of time. So there exists a situation where, no matter how brief, a non-citizen is afforded privileges not available to a U.S. citizen. I like to bring it up whenever somebody starts with the appeals to emotion about “tearing families apart” (which is also eye-roll-worthy: I’ve had a number of states between me and my family since I was 18).

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