Cosmic Theological Mystery

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Why do Liberals hate Christ?


A couple of days before Jesus was crucified, he was in the town of Bethany visiting the home of Simon the Leper.  A woman dabbed expensive perfume on Him causing some of the disciples to object:  “Why has it been wasted?  We could have sold it to raise money for the poor.”  Jesus rebuked them, saying: “Leave her alone.  You’ll always have poor people, you can help them whenever you like; but I won’t always be with you.”


We’ll always have poor people?  Liberals hate that idea.  It’s intolerable!  We must eliminate poor people.  It doesn’t matter why they’re poor – the shiftless drunkard puking on his own shoes is just as deserving as his barefoot little girl in the torn dress, looking up with big brown eyes.  Jesus was wrong!  Jesus was a quitter!  We refuse to accept His reality.  God may have made the world in His image but we will remake the world in our image and there will be no income inequality, no reward for perseverance and no punishment for indolence, only perfect equality in all things.


Heinlein’s hinted at this in “Stranger in a Strange Land,” when the Man from Mars learns about religion and happily proclaims: “Thou art God. I am God.  All that groks is God.”  Well, Hell, if we’re all God, then we have a perfect right to alter creation, to demand perfection.  Forget the Garden of Eden, we can have paradise right here on Earth.  We’re entitled to it.  We are God.


That’s why Liberals hate Christ.  They hate having competition.


Joe Doakes

7 thoughts on “Cosmic Theological Mystery

  1. Smart atheist liberals will admit that their goals are entirely arbitrary. “Justice’ is determined by consensus and contingency. There is no reason-based morality, there is only value-based morality. Even whether human beings should exist or not is value based, and not reason based. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (yes, there is such a thing) is a creation of the Left, not the Right.
    How can you rationally choose between having 5 billion 100% happy people and 10 billion people who 50% happy?

  2. there is only value-based morality

    No, for them, it is a feelings-based morality. Whatever they feel is right at that time. “Value” actually denotes something which is not arbitrary and that cannot stand.

  3. JD, you’re leaving out one large reason why the left hates Jesus. In part, it is because he preached to keep your willy/willamena in your pants. They can’t stand anyone telling them with whom, when, or how they can or can’t do the horizontal mambo.

  4. That’s why Liberals hate Christ. They hate having competition.

    Hammer hits proverbial nail on its head.

    Marx, though profoundly wrong, was right about one thing: The systems he inspired didn’t stand a chance so long as the “masses” revered something larger than themselves, other than the State: To most on the planet, religion informs as to morality. Take religion away, the State informs as to morality and can be arbitrary.

    But it doesn’t stop with religion. The family is also something served by the individual, and it conflicts with the State as supreme moral arbiter. It’s no coincidence that deviant lifestyles are embraced as “normal”, or even assigned an unspoken privilege. It’s no coincidence that the welfare state has not just tolerated children born out of wedlock, but encouraged it monetarily. By normalizing deviant behavior, shame is being abolished– No shame, no incentive to change. No incentive to embrace the concept of a strong nuclear family– Can’t have individuals showing loyalty to the family, because that loyalty may outweigh loyalty to the State. Look at totalitarian regimes and how religion gets marginalized or banned, and loyalty to family broken by active encouragement of family members to turn on each other. To the leftists, we can’t all be happy and prosperous until we do away with these institutions that “imprison” our minds.

    The leftists (don’t call them liberals, they have little in common with the classical definition) of today? They’ve just been more patient and calculating than their Bolshevik cousins.

  5. Ian in Iowa-
    It is not difficult to see the present transgender mania as an attempt to diminish the sex identity of citizens in favor of a government approved “gender”. Your attachment to your male identity is not legitimate if you identify as male because you have male genitals and XY chromosomes.

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