11 thoughts on “Now Taking Bets…

  1. I’ll double it if you can predict whether it will be before or after untimely death of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

  2. Brazile can make some quick dollars saying crazy stuff…a money making formula. After all, she does have a built-in audience with the Alt-right, and those who make a living selling Clinton conspiracies.

  3. Yes, the Clintons are certainly ticked about this, but if I was at the FBI, I would be humiliated. Brazile is more or less saying that she knows that the FBI cannot prosecute Democrats anymore, so she’s making it open news.

    Is she just trying to cash in? Well, now that Brazile is not following the Democratic Party line, she’s fair game, and both the Clintons and the FBI know where to get evidence that will exonerate them if that’s possible.

    On the flip side, if the Clintons know the evidence will implicate them, they are praying that the FBI doesn’t wake up and start collecting evidence. Unfortunately, I think their prayers will receive an affirmative answer.

  4. My, my… right on cue – anything and everything which is critical of DNC and Clintoons immediately and irrevocably, despite the merits and facts bring about a screeching rebuke by the resident mindless talking points spouting troll. I guess sHrillary’s lies about Bengazi were all a conspiracy. And her fainting was staged. Yep. Keep it up, cupcake, we do not want to be disappointed.

  5. Probably won’t be a suicide. If I were to give her advice I’d tell her not to walking the streets alone. Especially not in the wee morning hours around D.C. where there could be a “robbery gone wrong”. She could be a victim of the same circumstances that befell Seth Rich. They claim they’re still trying to solve that robbery/murder. Funny how they found the robbery victim Rich still in possession of all his valuables. Go figure.

  6. “Brazile can make some quick dollars saying crazy stuff”
    Why would anyone believe Brazile when she says Hillary tried to micromanage the DNC? That would be so out of character!
    We dodged a bullet back in November when she lost.

  7. Brazile can make some quick dollars saying crazy stuff

    Yes, Emery, it’s not like the DNC could, theoretically, discredit Brazile instantly by putting out their financials from the months around when the campaign began, proving that the party was not, in fact, insolvent at the time. And certainly it’s not as if the DNC can demonstrate through its own records that Clinton had not, in fact, bought the DNC. And certainly it’s not like the DNC could demonstrate, if it were true, that they had not gotten questions to Mrs. Clinton ahead of time, and other allegations made by Brazile in the book.

    Except, ahem, that this is exactly the case. Brazile has, right or wrong, laid out her case, and if the Democrats provide the evidence they have, they will either conform or refute it. Given that they’re just denying things, and such deceit is entirely within Clinton’s character, I think they’re inadvertently confirming Brazile’s story.

  8. The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.

    Based on the DNC’s response, I’d say Donna is on pretty solid ground.

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