It Was One Year Ago Today…

…that Hillary Clinton twote this tweet:

Why this isn’t up there with the Chicago Tribune’s “Dewey Wins” headline is simultaneously inconceivable and, given today’s media, unsurprising in any way.

22 thoughts on “It Was One Year Ago Today…

  1. Do I detect disappointment?
    The Republican party is lost for decades, and I’m not convinced that the Democratic party that forms to oppose them will be one that I can support, either. Don’t be surprised if Trump wins in 2020 because the Democrats just can’t get their act together.

  2. Do I detect disappointment?

    Well, no. Little as I personally like Trump, he’s head, shoulders and ankles better than Hillary. And don’t get me started on Hillary’s followers.

    Little as I personally care for Trump, after the election local media ran a story about a planned celebratory “Pantssuit party” on the Nawadaha Bridge that turned into a funerary vigil on election night; hordes of entitled Minnesota “progressives” wandering around dazed and crying that their world had been turned upside down.

    I try not to be that guy, but it just felt good.

  3. Now the federal Republican party has become something I just can’t support. I dislike the Democrats, as I always have, because their ‘compassionate’ policies always aim to make us more comfortable with problems rather than fixing them, because they have a habit of concentrating power in Washington, and because of the whole identity politics thing. So yes, I’m disappointed.

  4. I’d disagree that the GOP is lost for decades. Yes, certainly reading and listening to most of the MSM, that’s what you’d think, but I think reality is setting in for establishment Republicans that their voters really expect them to deliver on some things they promised, particularly regarding immigration and trade. That realization cannot help but be very helpful for the GOP.

    The next step is that Republicans need to have a “come to Jesus moment” about making a moral case for their policies that has a chance of appealing even to their political opponents. Get that, and Clintonism and its attendant narcissism is done for good–and future Trumps will have more difficulty as well.

  5. I dislike the Democrats, as I always have

    And yet eTASS-BFL-SPM is an ardent supporter and voter for the demoncRats, damn the damning evidence of corruption, collusion and malfeasance.

    Say, I see you decided to use both sock puppets today. Expecting to speak out of both sides of your mouth today? Letting both of your personalities loose?

  6. Loren, that is a face of evil. Pure, narcissistic, entitled, over-confident, self-indulgent evil.

  7. BB: Trump took a party drifting towards populism, declared that populism and nativism was the only path forward, and won on that platform. The Goldwater small government faction like Flake, Corker, and Ryan (he won’t last) and the internationalists like McCain are leaving or will be defeated in primaries. The new populist, nativist Republican party will have clarity and enthusiasm which might well win it a few elections.

    The interesting part will be the reaction of the Democrats. The American system means that the two parties have to change internally, which is always slowed by internal institutional resistance. It could take several presidential election cycles to sort this out. That in my opinion, is why Trump will likely be elected to second term.

  8. If you watch the network news and read the big city papers, it is hard to believe that the GOP is winning more elections than the Democrats at the local, state, and federal level. Democrat support is confined to the east and west coastal states, the unelected bureaucracy, and the media.
    The media, for example, now endorse the idea that an unelected judge in Hawaii can set immigration policy for the 50 states.
    I read an interesting article in the Atlantic last week. It was about the problems that Democrat centrists have in attracting voters. It described a meeting of labor union members — not activists, real workers — who blamed their own membership for being distracted by the gun issue & voting GOP.
    These workers had been so beaten down by the New Left it never occurred to them that the workers should tell the Democrat leaders what their policy on gun control should be, not the other way around.

  9. […]but I think reality is setting in for establishment Republicans that their voters really expect them to deliver on some things they promised, particularly regarding immigration and trade.

    You owe me a new keyboard – was drinking coffee when I read that and ruined my keyboard.

    “Establishment” Republicans never promised what Trump promised and campaigned on. Establishment Republicans were never on board with Trump on immigration, H1-B visas, or trade. It took the more populist insurgents to turn back the amnesty proposals. Never once has the establishment wing (McConnell or Ryan, for example) seen an amnesty proposal or “free” trade “deal” they would vote against.

    Look, I don’t like Trump personally, and I think he coarsens politics almost as badly as Clinton or Obama did, just in a brasher, more public way. I disapprove of the man, but I approve of his policies. Yeah, I’d much rather have a beer with Obama than Trump, but I infinitely prefer Trump governing to Obama.

  10. So far, the Steele dossier has confirmed that Hillary Clinton is a liar. Years ago Jonah Goldberg said that lying was the Clintons’ most important characteristic. When a Clinton says something, you should always assume that he or she is lying.
    The press coverage of the Steele dossier has confirmed that they are ideological hacks who will happily swallow and regurgitate the Clintons’ lies. Note the mainstream media (CNN & others) repeating the Clinton line that the dossier is a result of GOP oppo research (a lie, Steele did not begin compiling his dossier until after the GOP donor stopped its investigation). Steele was paid by Democrats working for Hillary & the DNC.

  11. “Now the federal Republican party has become something I just can’t support.”

    What? WHAT??? Go fuck yourself you moron. Sheesh…

  12. “The Republican party is lost for decades…” You mean the one you cannot support any longer? LMAO…I will savor walking over the bleached bones of you and your stinking ilk…and the lamentations of your skanky, wrung out women.

  13. “I’d much rather have a beer with Obama than Trump, but I infinitely prefer Trump governing to Obama.”

    Well said. As long as you realize Obama would stick you with the tab.

  14. Nerdbert: Part of the problem with granting ‘amnesties’ is that the problem proceeds to grow again until we need another amnesty. Investing in a better ID system and focusing on illegal employers rather than their illegal employees is essential to reducing demand for illegal immigrants. I’m not hearing that from either party. The Democrats seem to rather like granting amnesties every 20 years or so, and the Republicans rather like complaining about it but never addressing the roots of the problem.

  15. “I’m not hearing that from either party.”
    You are hearing much more of it from the GOP side than the Democrat side.
    Do the names Steve King and Tom Cotton ring a bell?
    All of the Democrat party supports a lawless frontier.They would rather the country be inundated with illegals, regardless of their criminality, their inability to support themselves, and the threat to the health and well-being of the rulers of this country (the American people), than enforce the immigration laws passed by the peoples’ congress and signed into law.

  16. Em, just what chance is there of mandating e-Verify with the present Senate? Call me when there’s a chance in hell of it passing without completely gutting the filibuster(*). I’d love to see e-Verify and criminal prosecution of employers of illegals become commonplace, but I don’t see that happening.

    (*) Personally, I’d love to see the rules of the filibuster return to those in the 60s where opponents had to talk the entire time and could only delay the vote. See the passage of the Civil Rights Act for an example. The present system is absurd.

  17. I have two people who work for me: a kid (well, he’s 30) who does yard work & landscaping, and a woman who comes in twice a month to clean. Both are white Americans (as far as I can tell, if the Irish and Italians are considered white these days :)). I didn’t set out to hire only Americans, they were recommended by friends (who aren’t white). Hey, if I gotta pay $20 or $25 bucks an hour, then I pay the going rate or do without.

  18. MP, I don’t think Hawaii can be a benchmark for anywhere else.

    Excepting the Japanese, many, if not most of the home grown Kanakas are never happier than when their weed box is full, and they have all day to smoke, eat Spam and hang. They’ll work, but only if there is no other alternative, or its a condition of probation.

  19. Swiftee, you’ve obviously never been in the Keys or Vermont. The loser/dopers go to the Keys for the weather, and the aging hippies have colonized Vermont.

  20. I’m thinking of the old TV show “This is your life” with Ralph Edwards and back ground pictures of the child Hill and a current photo (YUCKO!). The show focus is Hill over the years:
    * Whitewater, 1992
    * Travelgate, 1993
    * Vince Foster Death, 1993
    * Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky, 1994
    * Filegate, 1996
    * Failed POTUS campaign 2007
    * Benghazi, 2012
    * Clinton Foundation, 2015
    * Private Email Server, 2015
    * Failed POTUS campaign 2015
    Not to mention the “suicides” and curious deaths of many around her over the years. I’m sure they’ll be any number of scandals that will continue to come out over time.

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