In Case You’re Feeling Too Good About Things

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

In the US, we have flu season.  On Madagascar, they have plague season.  Yes, the Black Death, it’s a regular thing for them.  Hundreds have died already this year.

Can’t wait for the refugees to start arriving so they can be shipped around the country to share with us, the way that other diseases formerly defeated in America, suddenly are making a comeback.

When I visited my doctor last week, the receptionist wanted to know if I’d travelled out of the country in the last 21 days, where I might have come in contact with diseased people.  No, I haven’t.  But I did travel to St. Cloud, Frogtown and Minneapolis, home of large concentrations of Somali refugees, who have stunning rates of measles and tuberculosis.  If the concern is risk of contagion, foreign travel isn’t required.

Joe Doakes

The people who brought you the Green Line and North Minneapolis will figure it out.  Honest.

4 thoughts on “In Case You’re Feeling Too Good About Things

  1. And, yeaaa, bedbugs!…don’t forget the bedbugs.

    Leftist reprobates like to say conservatives want to return the US to the 50’s, but they are sending us back to the Dark Ages.

  2. My building had immigrant bed bugs. Management was sort of freaked about it until it got under control

  3. Every time I give blood, I’m not only asked whether I’ve gone to a developing country, but also whether I’ve gotten tropical diseases like babesiosis and Chagas’ disease. It quite frankly baffles me that our country can’t agree that all immigrants ought to at least pass a basic background and medical check. We don’t even need to exclude everybody with some interesting disease; let’s simply know what we’re bringing in so we can make the decision.

  4. In the dark ages, plagues were like colds. Infant mortality was such that getting your child to age 5 was considered a small victory. Modern vaccines, antibiotics and hygiene are seldom recognized for what they truly are: miracles.

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