Our Passive-Aggressive Overlords

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Those records of Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch right before she canned the investigation into Hillary’s email, the records that we insisted we didn’t have all last year and continuing through the election?

Just kidding.

Joe Doakes

Nothing wrong with that, nosirreebob.

23 thoughts on “Our Passive-Aggressive Overlords

  1. Guy in Tampa shoots up a nightclub, killing dozens, calls 911, repeats over and over again that the shooting is in retaliation for US bombing in Syria and US hits on ISIS leaders. Media & Lynch baffled as to motive. Maybe homophobia?

  2. One might infer that the FBI has been thoroughly politicized….and even now, six weeks to produce 30 pages of documents? (unprintable thoughts redacted from this comment) They’re working to get at least some of the crimes past a statute of limitations, I think.

  3. How many years is the statute of limitations? Sounds to me like there are perjury charges here to go along with crimes and misdemeanors. Scooter was hang for a lot less. Wait, he was hung for nothing, yet here we are, libturds running around committing crimes and perjury at will and nothing, nada, zilch, zip.

  4. Just a touch less concerned with Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton (and let’s just AGREE for the sake of argument she briefed Clinton on what was going on with the investigation), I’m still WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY less concerned with that than a President who received aid from our enemy, lied about it, and continues to cover it up. I wonder what the statute of limitations is on that JPA? Also, JPA, your scatological insults only serve to make you look juvenile.

  5. By the way JPA, how angry are you that the President pretty clearly failed to prep for his call to the widow of LaDavid Johnson? How angry are you that he lied about the tenor of the call (the retelling by the widow certainly SOUNDS like something Trump would say – something like “Well, he knew what he’d signed up for but I guess it hurts anyway.” That sounds a LOT like Trump. Yet, rather than being big enough to simply say, “I take this role very somberly and very seriously and I could have reflected that better in my words, I’ll certainly prep more for future calls to ensure I send the right message.” But no, Trump, ever the insecure bully, can’t admit to flaw. Clinton’s meeting with Lynch, while perhaps wrong (and we’ll never know, the FBI isn’t incompetent, they don’t have any proof and neither do you), so while that meeting may well have been WRONG, it also amounted to nothing. There were 3 investigations of Clinton, including a criminal investigation, she was not found entirely innocent but neither was there a case for charging her. If dishonesty and corruption bother you, WTH aren’t you bothered by this insecure, dishonest bully who is sitting in the White House? Ms. Clinton isn’t there, Trump is. He’s supposedly against corruption yet has put in place people and policies which are the MOST friendly toward Wall Street that we’ve seen since the 1920’s. He’s bribing you for your vote with some modest tax cut to allow for a massive tax windfall to the very wealth, a windfall they don’t need, they already have a HUGE amount of cash stockpiled but aren’t spending it because there aren’t good investments in the US to be had because our wages are flat. NOTHING Trump is doing will affect US wages. US productivity is already far better than nearly all of the rest of the world, and our effective corporate tax rates are about in the middle of the western world (effective is what matters, not statutory). So, JPA, Trump, like the GOP always does is promising the world to the middle-class, better jobs, better wages, to justify massive cuts for the rich. The problem is, that trickle-down never comes. Your concern about a corrupt Clinton and the conversation with Lynch (and yours Mitch) is increadibly myopic when contrasted with the MASSIVE corruption going on within the GOP. They are bought and paid for by the corporations they are going to now give massive cuts to, the President is the tool of our enemy, and HE and the GOP are willing to lie bald-faced to you about the impact of those cuts, are willing to cover-up the collusion by stone-walling investigations of Trump, but YOU want to focus on a 3 conversation on a plane. You’ll pardon me if I don’t take your complaints seriously quite simply because you aren’t serious about seeking to end corruption. You’re happy to bitch about Democrats, but that’s it. Mitch, I commended you for standing up to Trump’s erroneous claim kneeling during the anthem was about respecting the flag rather respecting the 1st amendment. Show the same moral courage here. JPA isn’t rational enough to do so (clearly), I know you are.

  6. JPA, it depends on the crime. Trouble is, the actual crimes which were committed are known, it at all, only to the FBI. Plus, getting a conviction on some of the more serious crimes–and those with longer statutes of limitations–often requires getting a conviction on a lesser crime.

    Pretty slick, really, and the rot is deep. Really, if I’m reading this right, it must take a LOT of melatonin for these guys to sleep at night.

  7. Really, if I’m reading this right, it must take a LOT of melatonin for these guys to sleep at night.

    Disagree. You have to have a conscience for it to bother you so you cannot sleep at night. These people do not have any.

  8. Penigma; I’m bookmarking your hijack comment and anti-Trump screed for future reference. When the truth comes out about all the corruption of the Dems it will be handy to metaphorically cram up your backside.

  9. I used to think Jamie Gorleck did the most damage of any person ever to serve in government, but I’m starting to wonder about James Comey. If he’d kept his big mouth shut about those darn emails, Hillary would have won handily and today, grieving widows wouldn’t be getting phone calls from the President (they’d be hearing about internet videos instead).

  10. I’ve got to admit that on one thing, I do agree with Pen. I am way less concerned about a meeting on the tarmac than the possibility of a President who was bought by, say, the Russians in exchange for money to her family foundation, which more or less functions as a slush fund for herself and her “husband”.

    Oh, is that not what you were referring to, Pen? My mistake….not.

    JPA: :^) I sure wish I could argue against you on that one.

  11. I’m angry that the morons running the search for Russians, keep running through piles of OUR money to try to prove falsehoods.

    Penny, aren’t you angry that your Black Messiah knew about the Russians interfering in our elections at least 6 months before the election, but did nothing? Hypocrite!

  12. Penny, tl;dr. Again. Always. And I am not sure who the juvenile in the room is based on all your unsubstantiated claims, which have been debunked time and time again and yet you still do not have a clue. Comprehend much? Now go help eTASS-BFL-SPM dig that latrine a bit deeper. Based on your continual verbial diarrhea, it seems you need it. Bad.

  13. We have Pen’s word for it: you just can’t trust foreigners.
    I suppose if we had an honest media, some enterprising journalist would compare Russian and Mexican attempts to “meddle” in the 2016 election.
    And of course the “meddling” of then president Obama in the Brexit vote would make a nice sidebar story.

  14. And of course the “meddling” of then president Obama in the Brexit vote would make a nice sidebar story.

    And never mind meddling (without the quotes) in the Israeli elections. But hey, that is just facts, and Pennies don’t care about facts.

  15. Just a touch less concerned with Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton […], I’m still WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY less concerned with that than a President who received aid from our enemy, lied about it, and continues to cover it up.

    Really? There are still people who really believe this? Wow. It’s like finding a member of one of those cargo cult tribes.

  16. “. . . continues to cover it up.”
    Meaning no evidence to support this claim has surfaced.
    I prefer life here in the reality based community. Perhaps Pen is working with “alternative facts”?

  17. Perhaps Pen is working with “alternative facts”?

    “Perhaps”? You running a fever, MP? Nothing but “baked facts” by “fake news” for Penny. Argumentum ad infinitum et nauseam.

  18. How well a president preps for a call to a war widow is way, way, down on my list of concerns. Come to think of it, it’s way, way, way down on the list of the priorities of everyone other than Democrat politicians, left-wing media types, Penigma, and other other loonies.

  19. Oh c’mon, MP. sHrillary knew nothing. The U1 story had been debunked and bringing it up again is a desperate effort at a deflection from the real story involving sTrumpet. sHrillary said so. It must be true.

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