Profiles In Awesome Courage

Citycouncilbots in Ann Arbor, Michigan (motto:  “A Cold Portland”) take a knee during the pledge of allegiance.

Let’s break that down; in the “progressive” epicenter of a “progressive” city hose “progressive” voters empaneled a “progressive” city council to enact “progressive” policies, the “progressive” council got up in the middle of their “progressive” echo chamber in their “progressive”  one-party city and did this month’s favorite high-concept “progressive” virtue-signal to a “progressive” audience, under the flashbulbs of a “progressive” media.

That’s going out on a limb, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Profiles In Awesome Courage

  1. Who cares about their silly anthem protest, let’s talk about something that really matters. What’s their policy on elephant poaching in Kenya?

    I mean, Minneapolis and Saint Paul have a policy……….. don’t they?

  2. At every opportunity, leftists reveal themselves to be weak, insincere people. They revel in their weakness; practice duplicity, celebrate failure, sloth, degradation and suffering.

    1/2 of the country, and George W Bush, admires, and sees value in this ethos.

  3. I bet that the city council is also brave enough to cheer on the stinky weasels…..I mean, that’s almost like Sgt. York or Luther, no?

  4. Fuck Bush. For all his faults, I used to think he was a decent human being. No mas. He is a morally corrupt globalist Soros bought-bot. He kept his mouth shut while 0bumbler was dismantling the Country and destroying the Constitution, and NOW he speaks up. Fuck Bush.

  5. Some day, I might find myself in a room full of virtue signaling reprobates that announce their intention to “take a knee”.

    I will announce my intention to take a knee against men who father children they have no ability, or intention to raise; or even know.

    I’ll take a knee against women who flush the products of their licentiousness with no more thought than an alcoholic flushes her morning vomit.

    I’ll take a knee in remembrance of 3 generations of black American families that have been completely, utterly destroyed by leftist pandering.

    I’ll take a knee for a public education system that sends tens of thousands of minority kids off every year to live a life of functional illiteracy.

    I’ll take a knee against a group of people whose moral compass floats on the breeze of popular opinion like a popcorn fart in an elevator.

  6. Full disclosure:

    Do not take my concern for minorities for hypocrisy. I don’t care about them any more or less than anyone else out of pure altruism.

    My primary concern is for the damage their fall has done to American society. The rise of the self-serving, avaricious, rent-seeking poverty pimps that facilitate the decline; the lost productivity; the wasted money; the disruption wild ass, disrespectful, violent kids cause in school; the deadly wasteland some of America’s greatest cities and neighborhoods have become. It’s a fucking disaster.

    At no time in the history of America has there been more opportunity for minority success. And many have taken advantage, make no mistake. But there is a large percentage (1/3? 1/2?), that are happy to remain wards of the state, and the reprobate left is working day and night to make sure that doesn’t change.

    Yes, I want minorities to drag themselves out of the hole the left dug and so many gladly jumped into. I want them to succeed. I want their kids to be well educated, productive and successful, a generation of Tim Scott’s, Herman Cain’s, Richard Copeland’s, Condoleezza Rice’s and Colin Powell’s. I want all that because it is good for them and for America, and also because I’m sick of the privilege of dealing with the goddamn mess.

  7. Find the reprobates:
    * Chip Smith 5th Ward:
    * Chuck Warpehoski 1st Ward: 5th Ward:
    * Sumi Kailasapathy 1st Ward:
    * Jason Frenzel 1st Ward:

    Quite the cast of characters, betting the Mpls Council critters will follow their lead in……..3, 2, 1….

  8. One thing of note is that as a person born just south of Columbus and having matriculated from Michigan State, I really appreciate what’s happened to Michigan’s football program in the past ten years. Hopefully Harbaugh ends up among the luminaries there like Brady Hoke and Rich Rodriguez!

    Seriously, I’m with Swiftee; the kind of nonsense they specialize in in Ann Arbor and other “prestigious” college towns has been absolutely brutal to minorities. It is as if one cannot see obvious facts after buying in to the college experience or something.

  9. Yet another example of the idiocy of our cultural elites:

    The NFL’s players are 70 percent black; its fans are 83 percent white and 64 percent male, according to online sports site The Real GM.

    And when it comes to the controversy over the national anthem and players taking a knee, that statistic is playing a huge role.

    It leads to the idea, says Amira Rose Davis of Penn State University, “that ‘you are good as entertainment, but once you have a voice, I don’t want to hear you. You need to shut up and play.’ ”

    Amira Rose Davis is Assistant Professor of History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Penn State.
    In what universe is an assistant professor of history and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies considered a necessary source for an article about corporate owned football teams. The article is ridiculous. By its own tribal reasoning, the article’s author (a white woman) can say nothing legitimate about a sport dominated by Black male players and white male owners and audience members.

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