Meet The New Tree; Same As The Old Tree

Eagan has a new city logo:  a more expensive version of the old city logo:

[The old] symbol, a more realistic green tree outlined in black, was in use since 2004. It was sometimes compared to a stalk of broccoli.

Eagan’s new, non-cruciferous-vegetable-looking logo. $75K. Not sure if that included the new city font.

A prominent graphic designer who lives in Eagan, Allan Peters, designed the updated logo for $75,000.

But practice makes perfect:

The city is on its fourth logo since the 1970s, each featuring what the city called a “strong, independent tree.”

This is what happens when a formerly sensible suburb gets overrun by DFLers fleeing DFL policies in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but who bring their DFL politics with ’em.

6 thoughts on “Meet The New Tree; Same As The Old Tree

  1. Amateurs in charge, spending other people’s money.

    Ramsey County paid some consultant a hundred grand to advise the County Board on “branding” issues – new logo, change the color to a less “alarming” shade of red, uniform signature blocks on e-mails, repaint the trucks, the whole works. Need to be consistent to maintain our brand, just like Target.

    What, you’re afraid people won’t accept your welfare if the building doesn’t have a snappy logo? They’ll refuse to pay their taxes in Ramey, they’ll drive over to Hennepin to pay them?

  2. These marketing things are so important. Why, it’s worth noting that the Ford oval has hardly changed since 1912, and the Chevy bowtie has lasted nearly as long. Cadillac’s shield goes back to ’06, same as my deer rifle. Same thing with Mercedes, VW….you just can’t change these things enough to keep people interested in your product. Why, if you get old gas pumps, kids today hardly know the companies anymore….Standard, Amoco, etc..

    One might even infer that major logo changes are for companies and towns that don’t take care of their product development, and they need to divert attention from that reality.

  3. $75K to a “prominent graphic designer” ????????

    I’ve seen better work done by a 4 year old using a Etch A Sketch.

  4. Hey, lay off guys! Art majors have to make a living, too, or we’ll be stuck with their $120K college loans to pay off when they go to work for non-profits!

  5. As someone who is in a business that uses graphic design, I know that there’s a glut of graphic designers on the market. Lots of talented people who are looking for enough work to keep food on the table and the rent paid.

    75 grand sounds like someone knows someone.

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