The Left’s “Conversation About Guns”

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch forced to move her family due to constant, legitimate death threats…

…from “Violence” activists:

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch announced Sunday on Twitter that her family had been forced to move suddenly after she received multiple death threats from gun control advocates.

Loesch, a conservative commentator and syndicated talk radio host, followed the announcement of her family’s move by condemning the way politically progressive society has treated not just her, but conservative women as a whole.

There are two huge points here:

The threats from gun control activists is pretty much par for the course.  Even locally, some local “gun safety” activists like to spice up their social media interactions with weird, muted threats of mayhem.

8 thoughts on “The Left’s “Conversation About Guns”

  1. Look over there, in the distance. It is just over the horizon and getting closer. The breaking point.

  2. OK, so we disarm all gun control advocates, starting with Scott Knight. Sounds fair to me.

  3. Yea, typical gun grabber operation, guns bad; violence and mayhem using other means are just fine. Jack asses!

    Dana is on Glen Beck’s radio show in 5 minutes KTLK, 1130

  4. Back in 2003, I was teaching carry permit classes.

    I posted an ad in the City Pages, and received a couple of death threats.

  5. Per jdege and Mrs. Loesch, one would figure that gun control advocates would consider why it might not be a good idea to threaten people they know are armed, but apparently I’m giving them way too much credit.

  6. On the interview with Beck, she said people were driving by her house, taking pictures and posting them on gun grabber web sites, Facebook and other libturd media.

    She really like the neighborhood, because her kids could ride down the street on their bikes, it was close to parks and she had great neighbors.

    Of course, she lives in the libturd bastion of St. Louis, which gave us riots over the saintly Mikey Brown.

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