Virtue Flagging

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Players continue to kneel for the national anthem so the NFL decided not to broadcast that part of the game.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?

No.  Fans aren’t stupid.  We can tell you’re trying to hide the ball and we know you’re doing it because you’re siding with the protesters against the fans, which annoys us even more.  Ratings are down another 5% from last week.

I suspect we’re going to get a new self-destructive behavior metaphor: kill the golden goose, cut off your nose to spite your face, hoist on your own petard, New Coke, shoot yourself in the foot, and soon: “pulling an NFL” meaning “driving away your own customers to prove how virtuous you are.”

Joe Doakes

They’re smarter than us, you know.

31 thoughts on “Virtue Flagging

  1. NASCAR television audiences are shrinking, too. Interesting fact: NASCAR’s admission revenue, is down significantly from a decade ago. How does NFL admission revenue compare JD? Lots of spectator sports are suffering these days from flagging interest and competition from other activities.

  2. Ok, I’ll bite to see if you can carry an informed and intelligent conversation instead of your normal poop-and-run tactic. I will not hold my breath, but here it goes: Can you point out to a single event which led to NASCAR shrinking audiences? Only then, can you draw a parallel. It is only logical. Let’s see if you have any, you know, logic.

  3. They are not showing the anthem, and people are taking this for admission there is still a lot of kneeling going on. If they do show the anthem, people will see there is still kneeling going on.

    Damned if they don’t, and damned if they do. Let them be damned.

  4. Correctionk, please. They only THINK they are smarter than us, which shows how not-smart they are.

  5. Emery, I’ll second JPA’s question.

    It’s one thing if all spectator sports are gradually losing viewership, but it’s a different thing if one spectator sport makes a highly publicized change and thereafter viewership drops precipitously.

    Show us that comparing the decline in viewership for NASCAR and NFL is an apples-to-apples comparison, not apples-to-oranges. Show us the event that caused NASCAR’s viewership to precipitously decline.

  6. I hate to go here, but truth is truth. Roger Goodell is just not a very bright man. He was interviewed before the games on Sunday, and listening to him is just painful. This problem is WAY over his head, and you can see the results of his ineptitude, the problem just keeps getting worse. Not showing the anthem? Holy moly, does he think that will make the problem go away? Are you kidding me?

  7. I respect your bringing up a good point to discuss Emery, but you are ignoring the elephant in the room. Don’t watch Nascar myself, and don’t follow ratings for anything, but I too would be surprised that they (NFL and Nascar ratings) are in any way related.

  8. Emery, I think JPA and I were unclear on the point you’re trying to make.

    It sounds as if you are saying that television viewership is down in both sports, from which you conclude the kneeling wasn’t the cause of declining television viewership in the NFL. And NASCAR track ticket sales are down but NFL stadium tickets are steady from which you conclude the kneeling hasn’t caused a decline in in-person viewership. Therefore, kneeling is not the cause of declining viewership.

    Is that your position?

  9. emery:

    1. TV ratings are down, in a several years long trend of going down, and of late they are dropping like an express elevator to hell.

    2. Ticket sales might not be dropping (the klown kar media of course has a stake in trying to get the country to believe they are not), but check out all the empty seats you can see at nfl stadiums across the country. Just google it.

  10. JD, maybe you should have started with: since you ignore my question

    Our chances of getting an honest answer are nil, but the size of the hole is bound to get that much deeper. Never underestimate the ability of a libturd to lob turds onto a table and leave. As is the practice here time and time again.

  11. To elaborate on NASCAR vs. the NFL, NASCAR is looking at about a 40% loss in viewers/revenue in a decade–after a decade of spectacular growth for NASCAR. In contrast, it appears that the NFL is losing 5% or so per game.

    Who knows whether it’ll continue, but it’s really quite precipitous.

  12. NFL players want to make a statement. So, it appears, does Trump. Take your choice — it’s between a headache and an upset stomach.

  13. I never made Brexit predictions, you incessant troll. You got nothing better to do than troll? Go find us some answers. The ones to your lies and false equivalence charges. Get to it, stat! Little doggie…

  14. Emery, you could, you know, actually address the topic at hand; what impacts the NFL’s approach to the national anthem is having on viewership.

    My take is that I’d actually prefer the anthem not be played at every sporting event at all. No need for required homage to the state. Obviously, a large portion of my neighbors disagree with me. But that noted, there is something really nasty about the notion that players ought to be suggesting that the same officers that keep them safe on the gridiron are uniformly abusing the rights of minorities on the street. It’s disrespectful to most fans, and it’s frankly speaking a slander on 99.9% of police.

  15. Monday Night Football ratings sink to a new low.

    No emsy, I am not going to provide a link. You never do.

  16. Firstly, many of you ignore the larger, and more important truth: ratings are down for everything, except for cable news. Could it be that Trump’s nonstop news cycle has become a more entertaining sport?
    Secondly, could it be related to an uptick in cord-cutting? Cord-cutting has been going on for a while among younger people, while viewers over 55 are watching more TV than ever. One thing I’ve observed is that older Americans die at higher rates, and the younger viewers find themselves with many TV choices. Therefore football will find that its consumer base is structurally bounded by entertainment abundance on one hand and mortality on the other.

  17. Firstly, many of you ignore the larger, and more important truth

    There go the goal posts. Them poor things are being ground down into nubs by all the dragging.

  18. I just don’t feel compelled to go along with your nonsense.

    Further, I don’t care if people stand-up or kneel for their rights. The Weinstein affair is about women laying down for their paychecks.
    You seem to be confused on matters of posture.

  19. It’s threads like these, Emery, that have caused me to make an observation: you do not respond to posts made by others so we can have a discussion, you post irrelevancies and ignore responses.

    That observation led me to a conclusion: you do not post in good faith. You are not interested in discussion, only in provocation. You are a troll.

    That conclusion led me to make this decision: I will no longer respond to you.

  20. I suspect you find it too challenging to respond to my 5:54 comment. Which in fact was on topic and addressed a number of concerns raised by previous commenters.

    jpa is a special case, how I respond to him should not concern you.

    So by all means, take your ball and go home.

  21. Ooooo… I feel so special. Look who got his undies in a bunch!

    Which in fact was on topic and addressed a number of concerns raised by previous commenters.

    What you addressed yourself and via your sock puppet (I am still dumbfounded why Mitch allows a commenter to have two accounts) was non-material as it pertained to you bringing up a false equivalency in your first post. You are guilty as charged. Now slink away troll. How you ever find time to bugger your sock puppet amidst all the goal post moving is a mystery to us all.

  22. Emery, your comments at 5:54 this morning were answered a couple of days earlier, where it was pointed out that a gradual decline in other ratings does not correspond with the precipitous decline in NFL ratings.

    Do try to keep up, lad. I realize it’s tough when you’re aspiring to be monolingual, but do try.

  23. Comprehension was never eTASS-BFL’s strong suit. He can barely speak sockpuppet, never mind a human language. Trolls are like that.

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