Human Nature

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Liberals insist people are basically good.  If the cops laid down their guns, then the criminals would see there’s no need to be armed so they’d lay down their guns, too.  The world would be a better place if we got rid of the nasty guns.

That’s a lovely vision but it depends on the validity of the underlying assumption: are people basically good?  Can we depend on them to be kind and generous and helpful in a crisis, when normal societal constraints are gone?  Is there any recent empirical evidence to answer the question?

Houston hurricane – looters.  Miami hurricane – looters.   Puerto Rico hurricane – looters.  Wildfires in California – looters.

Joe Doakes

And it’s not just “progressives”.   “Anarchist” libertarianism can only exist with the complete repeal of human nature.

4 thoughts on “Human Nature

  1. How can there be looters in California and Puerto Rico? They are progressive paradi, no?

    Besides, libturds are wrong and narcissistic. People’s nature is bad since we are all product of the original sin and have been cast out from paradise. Libturds belief that people are good stems from fact they refuse to learn from the millennia old history of the animal kingdom. Which is further proof that they are incorrigible and are incapable of cognitive and iterative thought process. In other words, animals.

  2. I remember watching the news, after the ’89 earthquake. The Cyprus freeway in Oakland had collapsed on itself, pancaking cars in between decks. Newsies on scene were reporting that residents of West Oakland were climbing into the rubble to help trapped people.

    I told my wife they were in there robbing people…sure enough, stories started filtering out of people having rings and watches torn off them; scumbags reaching in and grabbing wallets and purses.

    I’m not saying white folks never do that kind of stuff…well, yeah, I guess I am.

  3. ***Why*** is is wrong to kill people so you can take their stuff?

    People aren’t going to behave better based on what makes the collective safe and and prosperous. Exhibit A is Keynesianism. It is a bad idea that makes good behavior not pay off.

    So, Classical Liberalism is based on observation not religion, meaning if everyone would think real hard, everyone would become a libertarian. This is not what basically anyone does. The reality is you have to fear punishment from God for certain kinds of bad behavior. The Jews set up a superior collective / society / whatever you want to call it, a 1000 years before everyone else based on this concept, and it shows today.

    I got most of that from Dennis Prager, for the record.

  4. Also, that dynamic is why conservatism / libertarianism can’t work with so much centralized government, and the Fed screwing with everything. It is hopeless. Therefore all God fearing, right thinking people will get behind President Donald J. Trump. #MAGA

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