He Looked In Al Capone’s Vault, And Found Some Journalistic Integrity

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I’m not normally a big fan of Geraldo Rivera, but look at these tweets.  Calling out the New York Times for reckless lies?  Whoa, talk about speaking truth to power.

Here’s another page of excellent bits – don’t send us cops, don’t give to the corrupt government, problem in Puerto Rico is incompetent management.

Here’s the best one.  In response to the mayor of San Juan claiming people are dying.

He’s not 100% pro-Trump for everything, but on the Puerto Rico stuff, I’m impressed.  Nice to see somebody standing up to the rest of the media.

Joe Doakes

I’m not 100% pro-Trump either; I’m somewhere between 40-55%, depending on the day.

But Rivera’s coverage has been good (or at least from what I’ve seen and heard), and much-needed.

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