Crusade, Redux

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Denmark is putting troops at the border and on guard duty around synagogues.

Why now?  Martin Luther, Henry VII and John Wesley all died centuries ago.  It can’t be Anglicans, Methodists or Lutherans threatening Jews.  What’s changed in the last couple of years that has disrupted Danish life so much they need to put troops on the streets to maintain order?

Amazing, they have both kinds of unrest:  Muslim and leftist.  The incident cited was a Muslim terrorist who shot up a free speech event.  Striking parallels to the Left in this country.  Sounds as if Danes need to start listening to The Donald.

Build The Wall.

Joe Doakes

That should stretch the Danish military to the breaking point. Not joking.

(Danish Military trivia:  the Hjemmeværnet, or “Home Guard”, which is their national militia, was established after WW2 on the basis of the wartime Resistance – and with the mission of operating independently of the King and Parliament to defend the country (or kill invaders) regardless of the any government capitulation.  It was the closest I’ve seen to a “Second Amendment”-style policy in any non-Swiss European state.  But in recent decades, that mission has been softening; the Hjemmeværnet has been drawn more into the government mainstream, and the notion of having to resist an invader even in contravention of a (subjugated) government has faded from living memory.  I wonder if it’ll make a reappearance?   Nota bene:  don’t underestimate the Danes).

5 thoughts on “Crusade, Redux

  1. There is a point in Europe where you’ve got to wonder why they don’t just tear up all those “never again” plaques, sad to say. Good for the Danes to remember why they’ve been there for the past 72 years, and hopefully their neighbors throughout Europe join them.

  2. According to eTASS-BFL the plight of Jews in Europe is a hasbara disinformation campaign. All’s well.

    Canaries in a coal mine, that is all we are. And I am afraid the canaries are now fleeing the mines and being replaced by rats eTASS would be proud and honored to call compatriots and fellow travelers.

    I am wondering who will be next on the extermination list to follow the canaries.

  3. There is a lot more happening in Denmark than you know or realize – regardless of your warning to not underestimate Danes. Here is a link to something new from one of the two pre-eminent national conservative site in Denmark, in this case, Snaphanen.

    In this case, most of the text is in English, although there some Danish (of course), but also Swedish.

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