Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Gun deaths will go unexplained, because there’s no federal money to research them.  The horror.

I’d bet a brand new nickel they’re not interested in research showing the overwhelming percentage of murders are committed by a tiny group of People Whose Lives Matter in discrete geographical locations; or that gun violence increased after President Obama simultaneously inflamed racial tensions while hobbling law enforcement; or in balancing lives saved by pre-emptively disarming everyone to make suicide-by-gun more difficult versus lives lost when the newly-disarmed are unable to defend themselves from deadly attack.

In the olden days, government funded research gave us the moon.  Nowadays, government funded research gave us Solyndra.  I can do without it.  Divert that spending where it will do some good.  Build The Wall.

Joe Doakes

No action on that nickel bet.

1 thought on “Priorities

  1. The violence really is mostly confined — in fact, the prime job of law enforcement is to keep it confined to neighborhoods on which the rest of the city has given-up. In short, the police secure our perimeter. If the communities involved don’t care about their own it is hard to see why the rest of us should care.

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