For Once, Allahpundit Is The Pollyanna

Some critics say Hillary’s new blame-all autobio includes a “bizarre misreading” of George Orwell’s 1984.  Among them is Allahpundit, from Hot Air.

There are establishmentarians, there are big-government establishmentarians, and then there are people who read Orwell and see a parable about insufficient trust in authority:

Here’s the passage

I say they’re being pollyannaish.

Hillary’s a lot of things – I’ll skip the hour-long session of listing them all – but she’s not stupid, and she’s not illiterate.

We’ve noticed this with not a few figures on the left; they’re pretty much sure they can get away with saying anything; God knows the media will never call them on it. I’ve focused on it in particular as re Second Amendment policy – this blog has  a  large, well-populated tag documenting the Minnesota victim disarmament movement’s serial fabulism – but we’re really just scratching the surface.

My thesis:  Hillary thinks knows she can say anything she wants; the media will never check her; her supporters can’t stop jabbering about their credentials, intelligence and level of information (they watch Rachel Maddow, dammit!) to bother reading the damn book in the first place.

7 thoughts on “For Once, Allahpundit Is The Pollyanna

  1. You know, there are a lot of like-mindless people out there. If you doubt this, take a look at things like the global warming debate–it’s always appeal to authority, and the alternative is always “fascism” or the like. It is a brilliant use of Newspeak, really.

  2. Hillary’s a lot of things – I’ll skip the hour-long session of listing them all – but she’s not stupid, and she’s not illiterate.
    Hillary is also not a writer. She is notorious for her use of ghostwriters.
    Hillary has a mediocre intellect. List her accomplishments on a sheet of paper. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  3. She married Bill.

    There, your wait is over, you can now go back to whatever it is you were doing.

  4. Democrats could have run anyone last year and won — except Hillary “It’s my turn” Clinton.

  5. The why of running Hillary shows some very deep flaws in the way the Democratic party is structured. It gave up representing working people in the late 60s-early 70s. Since then, they have tried to create a winning coalition out of cultural elites and identity groups that have notoriously low rates of voting and political involvement.
    The success of Trump has exposed equally deep, but very different, problems within the GOP at the national level.

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  7. I’ve been slogging through the Hillary blameathon. I guess I want to be able to savage it and then back it up. It’s tough going. It reads as if she dictated it and then had her editors/ghostwriters put the lipstick on the pig. Pretty disjointed with respect to chronology. She can skip around a couple of decades in less than a paragraph. The passage quoted above is but one of many howlers. I will say I’m pleased that Bernie Sanders really got under her skin. Not as much as Trump, but it’s left a mark. In many respects he was the little boy yelling: “Look, she isn’t wearing any clothes!”

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