When Making Your Weekend Plans Two Months Out

It’s the working cover…

Looking for an early Sunday night out?  Block out the evening of November 12 at O’Gara’s in Saint Paul for my band, “The Supreme Soviet Of Love“, and the album release party (and only live date) for our first (and maybe only) album, See Red. 

Doors open at 5PM.   The opening act (“Elephant in the Room”) opens the show with a set of covers from the ’60s through the ’90s.   The SSOLs set begins at 8PM sharp.

Need a sample?  Here  you go

Anyway – I’ll post the EventBrite later this month.

I’m not quite gonna call it “The MOB Winter Party” – but if any Mobsters wanna show up for a drink or two after the gig (and before teardown), I’m totally there.

10 thoughts on “When Making Your Weekend Plans Two Months Out

  1. Glad to be of disservice, Mitch! Maybe get the amps and such away before drinking commences? Just sayin’.

    I’m thinking that you might up the ante on the album cover with some faux-Stalinist art–you know, the band looking off into the distance with that pose Lileks noted says “someone farted”, and then maybe the drummer fanning his nose like Boss Taggart or something?

  2. Mitch: you do realize that November 12 is at the end of the firearm deer hunting season for many of us. Your invitation is going out to a bunch of gun-totin louses who will just be returning from a week or more of no-bathing, no-shaving, mud tromping, foul mouthing, lack of underwear-changing,smoking, drinking, and gambling. In other words louses who are much like your band. Do you really want us there?

  3. you do realize that November 12 is at the end of the firearm deer hunting season for many of us

    Yep. If it ain’t a Vikings game, it’s a hunting season. Had to pick *some* day.

  4. Lemme see…..Minnesota…..November…….

    Nope. Love ya bro, but not much gets me North of the Mason Dixon these days, and nothing gets it done after the fair closes.

    Can’t do it, see, after I dumped my last MN property, I threw away all my cold weather gear, just in case I ever got nostalgic about my nostrils sticking together.

    Lemme know when the SSOL tour hits Hilton Head. 🙂

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