6 thoughts on “Right Now In Berkeley

  1. That does cast in doubt the vaunted reputation Berkeley inmates have for doing research, doesn’t it? And I must have missed it when Shapiro went rampaging in the Judengasse setting fire to synagogues and the like. Maybe that’s part of the great research all those genius students do these days.

  2. Dang, I hope some reprobate leftists get a good copper beating. They’re begging for it…

    The one time you want thug cops, you get low T twaats….go figure.

  3. Don’t they have to study?

    When I went to college I had a few hours on the weekends to fool around, but not much more than that.

  4. Do you think they have to study to pull a 4.0 in Gender and Ethnic Studies? Please. Let’s be serious here.

  5. Berzerkeley: Where a degree is most certainly a partial or majority participation trophy. Depending on how many SJW protests you took part in.

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