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  1. Let’s keep in mind that in 2012, Gov Mark Dayton vetoed a bi-partisan bill that reformed family law and allowed the non-custodial parent (read father) to have more time with their children.

    The Democrats wanted it, the Republicans wanted it, the Trail Lawyers did not want it and all importantly the DFL Feminist Caucus did not want it.

  2. Reading the article, it strikes me that this was a relationship made in Hell from the start with mental health issues to boot. It’s not just joint custody at stake here.

  3. I read this as a woman who was selfish to the absolute extreme. If she couldn’t have the boy all to herself she decided that no one could have him, so she murdered him, that’ll teach the dad. Surely she had deep mental problems and sadly the extent of her illness wasn’t foreseen. In the end she wasn’t just sick, she was a evil too!

  4. As a general rule…don’t sleep with someone crazier than yourself.

    And as a follow-up, if it takes a year or two of hanging around them and their family to decide it’s safe to sleep with them, consider time well spent and an excellent investment in your future happiness.

  5. Geez, NW, that’s like a not-so-well hidden desire to bring back the 50s. Back when Handmaids roamed the streets and womyn were kept in their place. A shameful time.


  6. Aw, I was just ribbin’ ya, NW, Penigma-like… Poe’s Law and all, OK, perhaps I did deserve The Serious Response.

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