A Good Guy With An Ugly Black Gun And A 30 Round Magazine

Liberal hamsters love to amuse themselves by saying that there’s no civilian use for guns with 30 round magazines.

Which might be true, if you could guarantee all attackers were solo and not very persistent.

But in North Houston, three attackers fired over 40 shots at a homeowner…

…who returned fire with an AR15, killing two of the dirtballs and wounding the third in what police are calling a case of self-defense:

Wounded, the three thugs exited the vehicle and continued the pitched firefight on foot. The homeowner who is an avid marksman continued returning fire hitting all three, stopping them before they could reach his property.

One of the men was immediately killed at the scene, while the others were rushed to the hospital. A second shooter was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, while the third is in critical condition battling for his life.

According to news reporters, aside from being an excellent marksman the Texas homeowner is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and goes to the shooting range regularly and practices his skills with his AR-15, the weapon he usually has by his side when sitting on his porch late at night.

Instant gun experts babble that “assault rifles” are “designed to kill as many people as fast as possible”.  It’s poppycock, of course; they’re designed to not run out of bullets before your attacker runs out of attacks.

Mission Accomplished.

9 thoughts on “A Good Guy With An Ugly Black Gun And A 30 Round Magazine

  1. So, in the North Houston hood, a guy is standing in his yard at 2:15 am when a car full of dindoos drives by and for no damn reason, they open fire on the hapless fellow. Shocked, the homeowner suddenly remembers that he happens to have his trusty AR in his hands, so he returns fire, killing 2 and critically injuring 1.

    Sounds legit.

  2. We are talking flooded homes and these were youts bend on looting. As Ft Bend county sheriff said, if you intend to come to Ft bend to loot, you will likely leave ft bend in a body bag because we really cherish our 2nd amendment.

  3. Saw what you did there BB.

    During my search for the link to the story, I saw a *lot* of stories about shootings + Glen Burnie. Without reading them, I took that to mean Glenburnie Dr.


    Turns out there is a Glen Burnie neighborhood in…Baltimore, which is the hood from the city limits on.

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  5. NW, 21 age is the requirement for Ohio Carry Permit. One of the Taco Bell employees supposedly is 24. I’m not sure if all the employees was actually shooting at the dead robber.

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