Progs Can’t Do Moral Math, Either

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Liberals believe the law of supply and demand is suspended during times of scarcity caused by natural disasters.  Hotels charging high prices after a hurricane is shameful, harms the local economy.

Liberals believe the law of supply and demand is in full effect during times of scarcity caused by sporting events.  Hotels charging high prices for the Superbowl is wonderful, helps the local economy.

Herein the problem with ascribing morality to mathematics.

What really grinds me about the hurricane article is the self-absorbed arrogance of the writer.  It demonstrates the stunning disconnect between the leftist media and the real world.  They have the audacity to write this article about a TV crew being gouged while sucking up scarce resources (hotel space, food, water, gasoline) so the TV crew can document the misery of the locals which the TV crew will use, not to alleviate the misery, but to increase ratings which will enable the TV station to sell more advertising at higher prices and thereby earn a larger profit.  If anybody is engaging in exploitation, it’s the media.

The TV crew should be charged a 1000% markup, or more.  It’s a public service to do so.  A natural disaster is a limited opportunity to charge high prices to outsiders who are carpet-bagging their way into the region.  It’s an opportunity to take from the vultures to support the local economy that is in turmoil.  They should be happy to pay for a better Houston.

Joe Doakes

It’s all about who the heroes and villains are on any given day.

17 thoughts on “Progs Can’t Do Moral Math, Either

  1. I always enjoy Joe’s commentary – but this has got to be his best ever.

    However, may I add one more point? The article failed to mention that the TV crew most likely was using an expense account.

  2. Of course, the possibility that it’s going to be more expensive for the hotel to remain open during this kind of event completely evades their minds, doesn’t it?

  3. I suppose this is just one more proof that corporations are so over-regulated they can barely make a buck.

  4. Hey Emery,

    Please re-take an Econ 101 class, because you obviously didn’t get it the first time around. Pay particular attention to the section on “Supply and Demand”. Then, remember that the next time a blizzard is coming and all the toilet paper is gone, because it was priced so low that the guy in front of you bought it all.

  5. Ah, Emery, apparently you missed all of those people rescuing people with their own boats, using the gas that they bought and in some cases, risking their lives.

    I’m willing to bet that over half of them are Christians and Trump supporters.

    If course, arm chair critics like you, never get their hands dirty by volunteering to help out themselves. They can only make generalizations about those that do.

  6. Ahhh… Out of arguements again i see. What’s next, a dropped mike? You are so predictable. What a maroon.

  7. I believe “arguements” is a British English variant of the word spelling. I’ve been known to misspell words fairly often, either by mistake or errant keystroke. At the end of the day what the heck difference does it really make?

  8. Of course you would. I did graduate HS in canadaeh, so go back to trolling and leave the arguements to adults.

  9. As a Canadian who has moved to the United States, I feel qualified to comment. Unlike Americans, Canadians are under no illusions about where they came from, what was done to the natives to establish the country, and the lack of any inherent superiority for their country over all of the rest. Canadians can be tribal with their own immigrant group, but there are so many of those groups that it is very hard to stand and say, “My group are the real Canadians”. If a little inter-regional resentment in a continent-sized country is the worst of your problems, you’re doing pretty well.

  10. trolling, trolling, trolling… And no arguement to the dissing of the correct spelling of arguement. I see you did not pass the comprehension test in canadeh either. Keep digging snowflake troll, keep digging.

  11. Now go scoot back to FSB Troll Academy, before Putin discovers your “work product”
    is not measuring up…….

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