Remember After Charlottesville…

…when a phalanx of liberal bobbleheads chanted “If you don’t denounce Nazis, that must mean you support them?” [1]

OK, “progs”.  Your turn.  Sound off like you got a pair.

[1] No, I didn’t waste a lot of time “denouncing” “Nazis”.  Nazis, Klanners, and racial Supremacists of all kinds have a standing order for “Denounced!” at the great moral pharmacy, with infinite renewals.  “Denouncing” is the default setting in polite American company, and has been for eighty years.   “Denouncing” any of them is redundant, like saying “I don’t like cockroaches in my house”; it’s what newspaper people used to call “Dog Bites Man”; it’s not news.

Saying you support any of them (beyond their First Amendment rights) – now that’s Man Bites Dog.

24 thoughts on “Remember After Charlottesville…

  1. It takes a profoundly empty soul to pick up a Nazi flag and promote White Nationalism and  believe you are waving it for the defense and good of your nation. 

  2. It takes a profoundly empty soul to threadjack and promote an unrelated matter and believe you are waving it for the good of your host’s discussion.

  3. It takes a profoundly empty soul to pick up a hammer and sickle flag and promote “anarchistic” Communism in a fascistic way and believe you are waving it for the defense and good of your nation.

    There, fixed it for ya, Emery.

  4. This is really the horseshoe theory – the radical fringes from Left and Right ultimately adopt very similar extreme attitudes when they don’t get what they want – they are both a danger to basic human freedoms and democracy. If you’re trying to affect change by force you’re part of the problem.

  5. Not only must you denounce Nazis, you must denounce Nazis using exactly the terms the Left wants you to use. You must hate Nazis and agree with the Left that they have no civil rights.
    Being a Nazi, or a member of the KKK, or a neo-Confederate is not a crime. Depriving people of their civil rights is a crime.

  6. The Left has the sympathy of the Democrat Party and a good part of the federal bureaucracy. The idea that neo-Nazis or neo-confederates are a threat to freedom and democracy is laughable. The threat to freedom and democracy comes from those who attack the bill of rights and the right of the people — not the government — to decide political issues.

  7. Emery, you make the mistake of believing the Liberals’ version of the political spectrum that you learned in basic social studies, which is why it looks as if the line forms a horseshoe where Communists and Right Wing Kooks share methods. But that’s because the chart is flawed. Liberals assign Nazis and Fascists to the Right along with Libertarians, which is obviously wrong.

    National Socialists, International Socialists, Italian fascists, and Liberal Democrats all believe they should have the power to tell the rest of us how to live and, if we resist, to destroy us, for the good of society.

    Libertarians and Conservative Republicans believe they should mostly leave us alone, except to administer the very few social structures necessary for a smooth functioning and peaceful society: enforce contracts, defend the borders, possibly a common coinage, things like that.

    When you rearrange the parties on the line from Left (total government control) to Right (no government control), you see the methodology is totally different. Socialists attack individuals. Anarchists attack government.

  8. JD, foolish people will always be easily fooled. I don’t count myself among them. Your mileage may vary.

    The answer to “bad” speech is, and always has been, more speech. A society fully open to discussion and expression of opinion will most often simply sift-out those that are erroneous and hurtful.

  9. The Nazi’s and Italian Fascists were only right of the Communists, they remain to the left of the conservatives/libertarians.

  10. Vanity Fair, in a lead story, accuses Trump of voicing “outright support for white nationalists” post Charlottesville:
    This is a lie, of course, and yet another example of the stupidity and gullibility of America’s cultural elite.
    Say, when did it become acceptable to write “without citing any evidence” after a person writes something on twitter? What citation can fit in a 140 character message?

  11. You must hate Nazis and agree with the Left that they have no civil rights.

    You nailed, MP. Leftists want people to be angry. They thrive on hotheads, regardless of politcal slant. Angry people act without thinking. If they’re “Antifa” and they’re angry, they’ll use violence against those with whom they do not agree. If they’re KKK/Neo-Nazis and they’re angry, they might drive a car into a crowd of “peaceful” Antifa protesters.

    Either way, the goal is accomplished: Non-emotional people who might’ve protested an abuse of state power, regardless of whom it might impact, will choose to remain silent rather than risk their life, health, or even careers. Instead, we have people like a former classmate of mine from an IB-accredited international school, who posts “F*ck Free Speech” on his Facebook page.

  12. If “white supremacy” is the cause of the achievement gap between whites & blacks, how do you explain the achievement gap between whites & East Asians? Or whites & Jews? Is society controlled by East Asian or Jewish supremacists?

  13. “…calls on members to “expropriate” or “take away” goods, lands, and tools to “begin the revolutionary process.”

    Sounds great. μολὼν λαβέ

  14. Ian, one has to wonder if your former classmate even realizes the irony, nay, hypocrisy of his post?

    Also, I have seen a couple of videos showing left wing hoods surrounding and hitting that gray Challenger. Lots of speculation that if that driver feared for his life, he may have panicked and hit the gas, just trying to escape. The trial discovery and testimony should prove interesting.

  15. I have an ex coworker whose facebook comments show up on my feed. There are a lot of “what is wrong with white people?” and “white people have a lot to learn from people of color” remarks. Not “some white people, but all white people.
    We are talking about a blonde, blue eyed Irish girl with an undergrad degree in physics and a JD.

  16. Still no denunciation from Pen?

    Not to speak for Pen, but here’s how it works:

    1. If you’re a liberal, merely believing the right things immunizes you from ever needing to specifically denounce evildoers on the the left (or “right”). Because you’re a just plain good person for believing the right things.
    2. If you’re a conservative, you need to specifically denounce any evildoing on “your” side (even if, like the “Alt-Right”, it has nothing to do with conservatism), to every “progressive”, in terms they find acceptably draconian (but not too draconian, lest you be deemed violent, although that goalpost obeys the Heisenberg principle; you can know that exists, or where it is, but not both), and keep those specific denunciations up to date every time Big Left and Big Media decides to try to tie another such act to Conservatism, or be deemed complicit in all such acts, speech or thought.

    I think that sums it up pretty well

  17. Ian, one has to wonder if your former classmate even realizes the irony, nay, hypocrisy of his post?

    Boss, that would require a capacity for introspection that is sadly lacking from the Left.

  18. Ian in Iowa, I read left wing blogs and periodicals. The people on the left constantly reassure themselves that they are far more introspective than the right, sometimes so introspective that it distracts them from their mission. They also are certain that they encourage diversity of thought, that their beliefs are based on reason and rather than ideology, and that they are the greatest defenders of freedom of speech and thought the world has ever seen.
    All evidence to the contrary being dismissed out of hand.
    Liberals, in print, often congratulate themselves on what good people they are, as liberals and as individuals. Conservatives rarely do this. Swiftee, in print (but not in person), has a personality that is somewhat . . . abrasive. Have you ever read a comment where Swiftee has claimed to be a better person than his current foil?

  19. I get that Mitch, but in this post, you specifically called for progs, (Pen being a member of that class), to start their denunciation.

    Particularly since Pen has been vocal lately in demanding denunciations on your forum, I think his silence is deafening…..

  20. I think his silence is deafening


    (Sorry, Pen. Couldn’t resist).

  21. Pen’s silence could be deafening, or convenient, or as a result of inconvenience at perhaps being part of antifa demonstrations?

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