I’m Not Saying The Strib Editorial Board Seeks A Totalitarian Government.

I’m just saying that in the future, if some future wannabe despot wants to take over this country, suspend the Constitution and crush our freedoms without firing a shot (up front, anyway), he’ll need a society full of people who “think” like the Strib editorial board to have a chance of succeeding.  r

They want the President to stop having rallies like last week’s event in Phoenix – for everyone’s best interest:

These campaign-style rallies serve little practical purpose with the next presidential election not until 2020. Instead, they unnecessarily stoke anger and division at a volatile time, with the rally locations attracting the violence-prone on all sides of the political spectrum.

Well, no.  For the past year and a half, they have drawn unstable, violence-prone, Urban-Progressive-Privilege-sotted “Anti”-Fa blackshirts.  Lately, to be sure, they’ve drawn people on the other side who’ve come to aggressively defend themselves.  What, you expect people to stand still while they’re being gassed and clubbed for exercising their rights?

Clashes between white supremacists and counterprotesters have already left one woman dead. It is only by the grace of God that more people didn’t die in Charlottesville. Or that violence didn’t spiral out of control during another gathering last Saturday in Boston.

Excluse my middle English, but bullshit.  All the violence in Boston was on the left.   Thousands of drooling scumbags descended on an expressly peaceful event that specifically excluded and condemed “white supremacists”.  Boston was a monument to the spoiled entitlement of Big Left and its idiot children – which is why it’s disappeared from the media.

It’s just common sense to let these tensions settle down and, until then, not offer up another obvious gathering point for extremists itching for action. President Trump should have recognized this before Tuesday’s rally, but making his way through the large, tense and often heavily armed crowd in Phoenix should have really driven that point home. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries Tuesday, but the event clearly strained local law enforcement’s capacity.

Look at the bright side; being a Red area, at least the cops in Phoenix showed up.

My suspicion; Big Media is decreasingly able to cover up the depravity of its nephews and nieces in the extreme left.

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Saying The Strib Editorial Board Seeks A Totalitarian Government.

  1. “enough with the rallies”, eh? OK, Strib, where ya been the past 9 years?

    Now if they’d said that there is a fine line somewhere between the “Fireside chat” and the Nuremberg rallies, and that Presidents ought to heed that line carefully, I’d be with them. I’m personally tired of the mega-personality as President myself. But not as a heckler’s veto by the pro-fascist anti-fa movement.

  2. Even a Prog Paper like the San Fran Chronicle notices that the folks in the black facemasks / hoods wearing body armor and toting baseball bats are the only violent ones at these demonstrations. What can one say but “Strib’s Gotta Strib”..
    Certainly the Democrat Party Left will cling to the crime committed by a pasty faced loser in Charlottesville to violate their political oppositions Civil Rights (funny how the Democrat Party Left hasn’t liked Civil Rights from FDR to Selma to now) for the next quarter century as they did to trample the Civil Rights of the Pro-Life community by invoking the name of Eric Rudolph for the last 25 years.
    PS: Does the Strib forget about the Trump rally in downtown Minneapolis where to pre-Antifa Antifa were waiting outside and the cops pulled back so that proper beat downs could be administered to the Trumpsters?

  3. The reprobates are skeered. They don’t want Trump’s voters to stay riled up. They don’t want him to provide venues for their effeminate thugs to ply their trade for the television news. They want everyone to go back to sleep so they can fix the next election with a few trunk loads of absentee ballots, like the good old days.


  4. [sarcasm]

    I personally accept the wisdom of the Strib Editorial board, they are professional “opinion makers” and most of you are not. So until you are credentialed by a bona fide credential committee – shut the F’ up.



    If the Strib editorial board truly wishes to bring peace and harmony to the land [ and stop the rising of the seas as well ], they need to shut the F’ up.


    Thank you for giving me the space to vent. I feel better now. Sorry if my language violated any blog rules

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  6. Trump does these rallies, I suppose, because it is the only way to get his message out and rally his supporters when he is facing universally hostile — and unfair — coverage by the press. If his treatment by the press was even as even-handed as GW Bush’s press coverage, there would be no need for these appearances (or his tweets).
    Look, you want an example of unfair treatment. Obama was literally introduced to the world of politics by an unrepentant and confessed terrorist (Bill Ayers) and a now convicted felon, Chicago “fixer” (Tony Rezko). You remember any “guilt by association” stories about this on any of the usual media outlets? CNN? ABC? CBS? NBC? The NY Times?

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