Quiz: Parody, Or Actual News Release

It’s quiz time!

Is the following passage one of my hamfisted parodies of Minnesota “progressives?”  Or an actual bit of “Progressive” content?

Lefse and kale wraps, kombucha tasting with Garrison Keillor and an artisan-crafted hotdish featuring organic, locally sourced tofu are just a few things that could bring people from Minneapolis and Los Angeles together. Are there more? You betcha. Both cities are filled with creative, progressive people who make their communities better and more inclusive for everyone. We have a lot in common.

It’s never been more important for all of us to work together—in cities all over the country. Whether you’re a Minnesotan who immigrated to Los Angeles or a native Angelino who happens to know the Twin Cities as some of coolest places on Earth, I hope you’ll join me for a fundraiser supporting the reelection of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges. She’ll be there, along with Mayor Eric Garcetti and David Stone from William Morris Endeavor, who are the co-hosts for this event at the Wilshire Country Club.

Answer:   It’s an actual bit from Betsy Hodges’ website.   So it’s not, technically parody.


(Thanks to Swiftee for the tip)

7 thoughts on “Quiz: Parody, Or Actual News Release

  1. And the left talks about Trump. Obviously, they are being there usual hypocritical selves, ignoring all of the absolute dumb asses that represent their party. Hodges is nothing less than a moron.

  2. There appears to be quite a few candidates running against Hodges. I feel she is a weak incumbent. As such, Hodges feels the need to travel outside the state to raise money. The question is whether this will be an issue with voters.

  3. The money quote has been in the Strib for a few days now

    That’s great, but ’til it’s here on SITD, it doesn’t matter.

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