I’ve run into some people since the Charlottesville episode who’ve been rationalizing “Anti”-Fa; basically, the line is “they’re thugs, but they’re thugs who beat up people I don’t like”.
I’m not saying people who believe this are people who want to bring on tyranny.
Just that any tyrant is going to need society to have a lot of people like them around to have a chance of taking over.

5 thoughts on “Tribes

  1. to paraphrase an old saying
    “They may be vicious thugs but they’re our vicious thugs”

  2. This whole thing is being stage-managed like pro wrestling in the 80s. You’ve got the designated heels, the “good” guys, inflammatory rhetoric to fire folks upl, and Mean Gene Okerlund (the media), supposedly neutral, but fanning the flames.

    And as in the 80s, no one admits that its all fake.

    There may be a handful of true believers on both sides (they’re probably all on the same side), but their numbers are way too inconsequential to garner this much attention – except in the service of another agenda.

  3. The escalating violence is causing much cognitive dissonance among reprobates who wish to parlay their mock outrage with support for leftist goon squads who occasionally but the boots to Real Americans.

    They fully support jack-boot beat downs, as long as it is white men, women and children taking the beatings. And they think they should be supporting antifa \ BLM goon squads as they may come in handy from time to time in the future.

    But how to discount the Che shirts, the Soviet flags, the Anarchist flags, the burning of the American flag? These things must be handled carefully, by seasoned experts at gaslighting. The focus has to be maintained on what toxic white people are doing, not what uneducated brown and black people, and indoctrinated white leftists are doing.

    It’s a risk, but as LBJ’s solution to uppity blacks proved, it can work.

  4. Anti-fa; because hurting people because of the color of their skin is always wrong, but hurting people because they have money, or because they disagree with you, is A-OK. Those Kulaks had it coming!

  5. NW, you hit the nail right on the head.

    BTW, the weekend protest to remove a statue in Houston went as expected. BLM organized it, and were represented by mostly white elitist thugs. They were marginalized and shunned.

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