The Return Of Eddie Haskell

When we last talked about Ryan WInkler, he was on his way to Belgium, in as much disgrace as the media ever allows a DFL golden child to face, after having called SCOTUS justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom”.   Winkler – who got a degree at Harvard – claimed he wasn’t aware of the history of the term.  But no matter; he took a break.

But he’s baaaaack, and running for Attorney General.

And this oughtta be a great campaign; he’s got the same Twitter smarts as the President seems to have:

Our old friend Chad the Elder of the late, great Fraters stepped up, with results that, if you know Winkler, are utterly predictable:

He wants to be attorney general.

This oughtta be a fun campaign.

(Via Gary Gross)

10 thoughts on “The Return Of Eddie Haskell

  1. The thing about totalitarianism is that it is, well, totalitarianism. It is transcendent, it is everything, it determines what you are allowed to consider good and evil. If a totalitarian state started by feeding the hungry and healing the sick, and then switched to torturing and killing he innocent, there would be no point where it stopped doing good and began doing evil.
    So it is silly to think of a good vs. bad totalitarianism.

  2. Palling around with the likes of antifa and BLM will absolutely come back to bite the mainstream reprobates in the ass.

    They are feral animals that have been getting progressively more violent. They have no qualms about beating the snot out of people young and old, so it’s just a matter of time before they kill someone with a rock or a pipe, or a bike lock.

    If you’re a twitterer, it is worth the time to archive the elected apologists’ fawning.

  3. What a maroon. “The enemy of my enemy” is great until the war ends. But 75 years later, this guy is still shilling for international socialism on the grounds that it’s not quite as reprehensible as national socialism.

  4. IIRC, the Socialists were part of the Popular Front in Spain with Communists and Anarchists going into the Spanish Civil War. Soon after the Front came to power (and before Franco showed up), the Socialist leaders found themselves in jail with the Royalists. I’d have to go back to the books for the precise timeline, but that was the general arc of things.

    I bet those in prison had some interesting conversations in the yard. If they could hear each other over the background screaming, that is.

  5. I’m glad Schicklgruber was defeated, but for comparison’s sake, I am pretty sure that Stalin’s gulags killed twice as many innocents as the Nazis. Perhaps if you did it on a per capita per year basis, you might find that he was less murderous on a normalized basis, but that’s like saying you’d prefer your living room filled with steer manure instead of hog manure, really.

  6. Nice to see Chad make that guy look like a fool, but I’m a little stunned to learn that Fraters Libertas is no more. They slowed down the posting over the last few years, but I figured it would stay alive with beer reviews and the occasional political post.

    I’m just going to take a moment to reflect on the glory days of Minnesota blogging in the mid-00s.

  7. Someone ought to find a permanent way to host beer ratings at least….those were handy!

  8. But the Soviets defeated fascism.
    They defeated it in Germany in 45′.
    They defeated it in Hungary 56′
    They defeated it in Cuba in 59′.
    They defeated it in Czechoslovakia in 68′
    They defeated it in Vietnam in 75′
    They defeated it in Afghanistan in 89′
    Then they were defeated by fascism in 91′
    But now in 17′, they have it on the run.

    ** For those who lack subtlety, yes, that is sarcasm.

  9. 1940-45? Even if we accept the lesser of evils argument, the USSR was allied with, or at least had a working relationship with the Nazis from 1939 until early 1941, when Hitler broke their agreement and launched Operation Barbarossa.

    Much of the American Left was confused by that agreement and either supported Germany during that time, or at least toned down their opposition to Hitler.

  10. Richard, it actually turns out that the Soviets were helping the Germans develop things like armor and planes as far back as the 1920s–it was one place that those enforcing Versailles would not dare to look, lest they go into the gulags Duranty said didn’t exist.

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