Proxy War

At Berkeley, police stood down as the Blackshirts attacked conservative events – twice.

At Middlebury College in Vermont, police stood idly by as “Anti”-fascists attacked a conservative speaker and one of their own professors.

And in Charlottesville last weekend, the police were given a “Stand Down” order, (by a mayor who condemned the permitted protesters, but pointedly refused to address the Blackshirts) allowing the Blackshirts to attack a “white supremacist” rallly with impunity

Nope – nobody dare suggest that Big Left is all about getting and holding power.  Perish the thought.

5 thoughts on “Proxy War

  1. This is the mayor who declared Charlottesville to be the “Capital of Resistance”.

    I dearly hope DOJ does an honest job at investigating the incident and hauling this fucking creep and his toady chief wiggums to jail.

  2. What JPA says. I’m no friend of neo-nazis, and I’m d**n sure JPA is not, but the hammer and sickle ought to be every bit as repulsive to us as the swastika. Lock ’em up.

  3. Mitch,

    Your continuing silence on Charlottesville is defeaning. The President made a false equivalency argument that both the left AND right operate with violence and therefore the blame for some guy driving his car into a crows was shared. However, I don’t recall the last time a leftist blew up an abortion center, killed a doctor performing legal services, knifed people standing up for teenage girls or blew up a federal building (or tried).

    Your claims of left wing “blackshirts” is laughable. The left (improperly) attempts to squelch free speech, and I don’t support it, but they clearly are ALLOWED to try and clearly are ALLOWED to boycott (like it or not). No one, though, is allowed to engage in premeditated acts of terrorism and intimidation.

    From the Anti-Defamation League’s site (a Jewish website focusing on anti-Semitic activities),

    “Over the past 10 years (2007-2016), domestic extremists of all kinds have killed at least 372 people in the United States. Of those deaths, approximately 74% were at the hands of right-wing extremists, about 24% of the victims were killed by domestic Islamic extremists, and the remainder were killed by left-wing extremists.”

    Go read that again, 74% of ALL terrorism in the US over the past 10 years has been by right-wing extremists, 2% by left wing. That’s not equal, that’s not “Blackshirts”, it’s not left wing tyranny. It’s right-wing violence.

    You have no excuse for remaining silent on this issue.

  4. Your continuing silence on Charlottesville is defeaning.

    Pen, I’ll consider it a major achievement if you never, ever use that phrase again. “Since you haven’t spoken, in terms I agree with, about something, that must mean you believed (insert strawman).”

    I’ll say what I need to say about it, when I’ve got something to say about it.

  5. Penigma, if those claims of left wing blackshirts are laughable, please explain to me why all the video I’ve seen of the Charlottesville riots clearly shows antifa activists in black shirts starting the physical fights.

    And to give you an idea of the credibility of the ADL, your link claims that right wing extremists have dominated the murder rates for each year of the past 30 years, which would include, AHEM, 2001. So there were then more people killed by the right wing in 2001 than the 2977 victims of the 9/11 attacks?

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