Lie Down With Dogs

My daughter’s charter school – like many urban charter schools – is run by rabid Democrats.

This doesn’t faze me. In picking a school, I care as little about the teachers’ personal politics as I do about their taste in music. Institutional politics is another thing altogether – but the institution’s politics, while institutional (and ergo a tad left of center for my taste), aren’t a major issue. My kids’ charter schools both deliver the best education my kids – especially my daughter – have ever had. That’s what counts.

Of course, as DFL/Teachers’ Union shill Nick Coleman crowed the other day, the DFL-dominated legislature (nothing but a group of markers for the state’s educational establishment), tired of the competition from charter schools, wants to cap the number of these highly-successful operations.

The Senate voted on the cap bill. And a funny thing happened.

I got this letter, forwarded from my daughter’s advisor, from the state charter school organization:

If your Senator is listed below as voting to lift the Cap on Charter Schools, please write a “thank you” letter to the individual. Also, please make sure to thank all of the six democrats who showed their support of charters by voting against the cap.

True, as far as it goes but, um, hello? Teaching moment here?

How about telling your largely-Volvo-driving, Whole Foods-shopping, Al-Gore-worshipping membership that maybe, just maybe, the DFL hates what you we all stand for, and ask them to cross their party lines and thank the Republicans who stood up for our cause?



  • Day, Dick
  • Dille, Steve
  • Fischbach, Michelle L.
  • Frederickson, Dennis R.
  • Gerlach, Chris
  • Gimse, Joe
  • Hann, David W.
  • Ingebrigtsen, Bill G.
  • Johnson, Debbie J.
  • Jungbauer, Michael J.
  • Koch, Amy T.
  • Koering, Paul, E.
  • Limmer, Warren
  • Michel, Geoff
  • Neuville, Thomas M.
  • Olson, Gen
  • Ortman, Julianne E.
  • Pariseau, Pat
  • Robling, Claire A.
  • Rosen, Julie A.
  • Senjem, David H.
  • Vandeveer, Ray
  • Wergin, Betsy L.Democrats:
  • Cohen, Richard J.
  • Erickson Ropes, Sharon L.
  • Metzen, James P.
  • Rest, Ann H.
  • Scheid, Linda
  • Torres Ray, Patricia

If your Senator is listed below as voting for the Cap on Charter Schools, please write a letter of disappointment in the vote to your Senator.




  • Anderson, Ellen R.
  • Olseen, Rick E.
  • Bakk, Thomas M.
  • Olson, Mary A.
  • Berglin, Linda
  • Pappas, Sandra L.
  • Betzold, Don
  • Pogemiller, Lawrence J.
  • Bonoff, Terri E.
  • Prettner Solon, Yvonne
  • Carlson, Jim
  • Rummel, Sandy
  • Chaudhary, Satveer S.
  • Saltzman, Kathy L.
  • Clark, Tarryl
  • Saxhaug, Tom
  • Dibble, D. Scott
  • Sheran, Kathy
  • Doll, John
  • Sieben, Katie
  • Kubly, Gary W.
  • Skoe, Rod
  • Langseth, Keith
  • Skogen, Dan
  • Larson, Dan
  • Sparks, Dan
  • Latz, Ron
  • Stumpf, LeRoy A.
  • Lourey, Tony
  • Tomassoni, David J.
  • Lynch, Ann
  • Vickerman, Jim
  • Marty, John
  • Wiger, Charles W.
  • Moua, Mee

Catch that?

Except for six DFLers – of whose motivations I’m unsure, but for whose actions I’m thankful – the DFL voted a straight ticket to…

…to what?

To protect the Teacher’s Union’s monopoly on education. To constrict school choice. To tell those parents and groups who, dissatisfied with the results we’re getting from the public system (and unable to either homeschool or put our kids in private schools), decide to find a better option “like it or lump it”.

The rationalizations I’ve heard for this “cap” are ludicrous; “We want more oversight on charter schools?” Show me a public school that would survive if it had to balance its own books!

Here y’go, fellow charter school supporters. Your party (and I’m comfortable in saying that most of you, at both of my kids’ schools, are DFLers at the very least) has screwed you us.

What are you going to do about it?

4 thoughts on “Lie Down With Dogs

  1. Hey, I’m back. Been away for awhile mainly cuz I thought I was getting too personal.

    The thing about this is that the traditionally liberal would laud charter schools, “Let a thousand flowers bloom” and that stuff. It’s a measure of how much the DFL has sold it’s soul to the highest bidder that they would oppose the free exchange of ideas and options in education.

  2. Ann Rest voted against the cap? I’m surprised. I may have to take back one or two of the bad things I’ve said about her.

  3. Our daughter has been accepted to a Catholic school for kindergarten in September. My wife is Catholic, I’m Lutheran. She had no qualms about joining their parish just to get member tuition which will be $2775 for the entire year. Non-member tuition is still a steal at $3600 for 07-08. They have an awesome variety of extra curricular programs and CHEAP afterschool care for those families where both parents work full time ($5/day), til 6:30 pm.

    If a low-income person was a 2 pack/day smoker, and they quit smoking, they could almost save enough money to pay for a full year Catholic elementary school tuition entirely.

    Of course, we don’t want our children’s brains rotted by evil Christian (a.k.a. fundamentalist) doctrines and intolerance, now, do we?

    I just can’t get the image of the French Taunter from MP Holy Grail out of my head, taunting King Arthur’s court.

    “So, you think you could out-clever us school choice folk with your silly knees-bent running about advancing behavior?! I wave my private parts at your aunties, you cheesy lot of second hand electric donkey-bottom biters.”

    “In the name of the Lord, we demand entrance to this sacred castle!”

    “No chance, public school bed-wetting types. I burst my pimples at you and call your door-opening request a silly thing, you tiny-brained wipers of other people’s bottoms!”

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