Earlier this week “Governor” Dayton declared the firebombing of a Bloomington mosque “terrorism” – notwithstanding the fact that no investigating agency has released any conclusions about motive.

Which is a little strange, given that tis’ been five days, now.

Make no mistake; there is a xenophobic minority in this state.  Eventually, one of them could – or may have – done something stupid.

But on Monday, I pointed out that if I were a betting man (and I’m not), I’d put at least a little money on the idea that the Bloomington attack was a hoax.   Too much says “contrived” to me:

  • The “firebomb” was tiny; it scorched the floor and burned some drapes.  Not that there’s such a thing as a good firebomb, but still.
  • It landed in an unoccupied room.  Now, that could have been blind happenstance.  But…
  • …the actual sanctuary of the mosque was full of people conducting morning prayers – who would, of course, be “witnesses” to this hate crime.

I could very well be wrong – but I say even money it was a hoax.

Oh, yeah – one other factor.  Nearly every other “hate crime” since November 8 has been a hoax as well.  By my unscientific but focused count, it’s not even close; among “hate crimes” that’ve gotten any publicity, it’s been overwhelmingly hoaxes.

Seems like people think being a victim includes victimizing oneself.

And there is, unfortunately, precedent; the vandalism at a Saint Cloud mosque two years ago, which was trumpeted far and wide as a sign of gathering xenophobia, turned out to be a parishioner – who, to his dubioius “credit”, turned out to be operating less from misplaced political victimology-mongering than from being, from the press report, kind of an impulsive idiot.

Which didn’t stop Minnesota’s Big Left from trying to pin that attack on, well, you and me.

7 thoughts on ““Terrorism”

  1. Wow, it is as if the left has figured out that the media has given up on asking this kind of questions, and that a lie can go ten miles while the truth is still pulling on his pants.

  2. Hoax.
    And in 6 months lefties everywhere will still refer to it as right wing violence.
    Warm and getting warmer by the day.

  3. The media may be rather incurious, but their curiosity can also be stifled by official channels drying up avenues of inquiry. While some may question how “judicious” Judicial Watch may be, they did ask some very pointed questions, and found some very questionable documents and official reports via FOIA requests related to the mysterious “gas leak” explosion in the 2014 Cedar-Riverside apartment building.


  4. In the 2014 case, logical and standard investigative channels were shut down and evidence destroyed (bulldozing the building almost immediately and before investigation could be done). One can reasonably assume this was done to protect the narrative, though if someone else has a reasonable explanation, I’m interested I n hearing it.

    The Bloomington incident may well be (or already has been) managed in a similar way. It may be interesting to see how the investigations into the mosque bombing and the gas leak explosion at the private Christian academy (Minnehaha Academy) last week compare in terms of detail and time line. You know what bomb throwers those Christians can be, especially if they’re radical enough to take their kids out of the government schools to be put into Christian “madrasahs”.

  5. Some might suggest that Dayton’s bartender should be charged with a HATE CRIME given his incoherent babbling at the press conference.

  6. Sometimes these things are a result of conflicts within the the community of Believers.

  7. Any breaks in the case? Surely a case of this prominence should have led to mass mobilization of all state resources to bring the perp to justice. No?

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