Tis The Season

Thursday, November 19, is National Ammo Day – a great day to not only restock the home arsenal, but to send a tacit, affirming message that your liberty is not here to be fed upon by vermin, whether in ski masks or wearing three piece suits.

Ammo is scarce, these days; every day’s been Ammo Day since Obama and his pack of gun-grabbers took office.

All the more reason to get out there on Thursday.

(And if you have a good line on .45ACP, by all means do holler…)

12 thoughts on “Tis The Season

  1. I have a brick of 9MM Luger for my Beretta 92FS, and five and a half bricks and a few 50-count packs of .22LR. I just need a .22 gun to match all that .22LR ammo now.

  2. It’s actually starting to ease, at least a little. 38 Special — which is what I need most of; it’s the default for my carry classes — is generally available, although at high prices; 9mm moreso, at more reasonable ones. We’re starting to see cases (500 rounds) of 9mm practice ammon generally available for well under $200. At the moment, ammoman.com even has new manufacture Winchester at $159/case, shipping included — unheard of since the election.

  3. Bill C,

    If you have the money, get an S&W M&P-15-22. They are a great .22. Accurate and looks like an AR-15. 25 round magazines.

    Some of the early M&P-15-22s had extraction problems. If you search for them on the internet, you’ll find Smith & Wesson is doing a good job of fixing the problems for those who have found the problem. Mine must be one of the later ones as I’ve put 400 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag through one without a single jam or failure to fire. I clean it after every 100 rounds which may help. I also find CCI to be the cleanest burning ammo.

    As far as buying ammo, I support buying ammo from your local dealers, but to save a few bucks, Farm & Fleet stores have the best prices. Just have to be one of the lucky ones who stops by right after they stock the shelves because those 250 Round 9mm Family Fun Packs disappear quickly.

  4. Joel, were having a gun range event and a NRA speaker on friday to celebrate “Conservative Awareness Week” here at the U of M. Interested in attending?

  5. Got plenty of ammo but my shotgun fail to fire over the weekend. I think the firing pin broke. Anybody have a line on a good gunsmith in the western suburbs.

  6. I bought from Cheaper Than Dirt and they sent it right out.

    Can’t remember if it was mail or UPS/FED EX and frankly don’t care.

    Shop around – the internet is a wonderful place for hard-to-find stuff.

  7. I was able to find .32 Remington ammo from a place in new england. They modified 30-30 casings… yes, the internet is great for hard-to-find stuff!

  8. in a different sense of ’tis the season, skipping the apparently obligatory snark if I’m lucky – all the joy of the season to you, Mitch and readers of all political persuasions on SitD.

    Merry Christmas!
    for those who celebrate a different faith, or no faith, Merry mid-winter in honor of the changing seasons and the winter solstice tomorrow.

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