Please Please Please Please Do This

beg of you (where “you” = Big Left):

According to a Facebook event created by the Women’s March, the protest against the NRA will take place on Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15 in Fairfax, Virginia. The rally will begin on July 14 at 10:00 AM in front of the NRA headquarters in Fairfax. At noon, the 18-mile march from the NRA headquarters to the Department of Justice in DC will begin. The rally at the Department of Justice will begin at 10:00 AM on July 15.

Wear lots of pink hats, and dress as vaginas.  Please, please please please.

“Occupy Symbolic Meaningless New York Red Carpet” appears to be progressing apace.

And get all the lavish media overcoverage you can get.  I beg of you.

The ad is a “response” to an NRA ad that the proverbial “some” found provocataive:

Mallory explained to HuffPost why the NRA ad featuring [conservative pundit and NRA affiliate Dana] Loesch was particularly problematic and dangerous.

“This particular NRA ad, in our judgement, is very dangerous,” Mallory said. “It is specifically calling for members of the NRA and other gun owners to take up arms to address protesters or to push back against protesters, particularly people of color and people who support as us protesters and as black and brown people.”

Mallory is a hysterical ninny.

And the hypocrisy stews and fumes over the left’s response to the NRA like the humidity in New Orleans.  This is the left that’s been wrapping itself in “Resistance” romance – styling itself after the French, Poles, Norwegians, Danes, Yugoslavs and others who risked their and their families lives to kill Germans and collaborators, with guns, knives, bombs, garrotes.    A movement whose violent rhetoric is expressed through phrases like “Punch a Nazi” (where “Nazi” = anyone to the right of John McCain) and “Bash the Fash” and, in one episode (so far), a committed Democrat attempting mass murder on Republican congressmen.

So yeah, shrill harpies.  Hold your march.  Go big.  I beg of you.

9 thoughts on “Please Please Please Please Do This

  1. The facebook event announcement provides no links, so it is hard to discover what they are so upset about.
    And, of course, they accuse the NRA of fomenting violence, when you will hardly find a more law-abiding group of people in the world than the people who make up the NRA.

  2. After over 100 Hamburg police officers were injured in the G20 riots, I’m eagerly awaiting the SPLC’s announcement that Occupy and Antifa are, indeed, hate groups.

    Not holding my breath.

  3. I support this. Only since it will allow these folks to get some exercise. They had best have a sag wagon though – I can imagine the percentage of folks able to walk 18 miles in DC, in the summer, starting at noon, will be low.

    Logistics isn’t sexy. But, there’s a big reason the military has commanders be an executive officer (XO) prior to command. The XO deals with all the logistics – food, water, equipment, ammo, fuel, medical support, etc. Doing that teaches most officers how important those things are, so that when they are in charge they account for that in planning.

    Whomever came up with this plan needs remedial training on rate of march, backwards planning, developing a service support plan, and about 80 other items. To include comprehensive risk management.

    In some minds, completing this will be like surviving the Bataan Death March.

  4. So I listened to the Plenzler interview. Fascinating bit of propaganda.
    Plenzler is pushed by NPR as a “marine veteran”, which may be true true, but he is in the spokesman/advocacy profession, now. He never states for how long he was actually a member of the NRA (“a number of years . . .”), and his reasons for joining the NRA weren’t to defend the 2nd amendment. He wanted to join a private gun club, and NRA membership was mandatory.
    The NPR interviewer asked no hard questions, and basically gave Plenzler a forum to air his opinion for several minutes with no critical review. Wish I had that opportunity.

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  6. This is another “watch the media” moment.

    The right camera angles will make this look like a busy day at the state fair. Of course they won’t show pictures of the loony toones protestors.

    Here is your assignment, if you are willing to take it. Look for coverage from everyone from CNN to Star Tribune, then compare it to Mitch’s blog, Drudge, and Power line to name a few, and report back the difference.

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