Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There was a special election in Georgia to fill the seat in Congress left vacant when Rep. Tom Price took the job of Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Trump administration.

News media is reporting it’s the most expensive congressional race ever, which proves we need campaign finance reform to prevent politicians from buying their way into office.

What they fail to mention is that Democrat Jon Ossoff spent five times as much asRepublican Karen Handel.  The Democrat was the one trying to buy the election.  Nobody in the media called on him to stop raising money before the election – they wanted a Democrat to win so they’d be able to claim the country was turning against Trump.  Now that he’s lost after out-spending his opponent 5-to-1, suddenly the media is aghast at how much money is spent on politics.

Money, I might note, that is spent to buy advertising in newspapers and on television, which is the revenue stream that pays journalists’ salaries.  Talk about hypocrites.  No wonder nobody believes anything the media says.

Joe Doakes

Well – the smart people, anyway.

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  1. Hayek on Fake News

    “Today’s dominant Weltanschauung focuses on the state and state power. Indeed, with a few notable exceptions, modern journalists don’t investigate, analyze, and render an informed opinion. Instead, they function more like press agents for the president or other government officials. “

    All journalists are statists. How do they get their money? What makes their job easier? If the whole world was libertarian what would they write about? Peaceful trade? No, they love stupid ruling class whores. The more power and the stupider they are, the better.

  2. Well, after adding party and PAC money, the spending gap was narrowed considerably. What Democrats object to today (subject to change when it suits them) is the spending by outside groups that don’t have the same disclosure requirements – “dark money.”

    Though with the new left’s politicization of virtue, and their propensity to punish anyone to their right, I would never donate $250 to a Republican candidate or Party and leave a paper trail of my political affiliation. We are seeing too many instances of people’s lives destroyed by merely identifying as something other than progressive. The more the left gets violent and vindictive, the more dark money will get injected into politics.

  3. I would never donate $250 to a Republican candidate or Party and leave a paper trail of my political affiliation.

    How is this not disenfranchisement? How is this not oppression? How is this not terrorism?

  4. I miss the old days when politicians could buy men cigars and beer. Maybe we need to get government out of politics?

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