Call For Mr. Hobbs

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

If IQ exists (which SJWs debate but serious researchers do not), then the Theory of Evolution through Survival of the Fittest would suggest that average IQ was higher in the past.  It must have been – only the people clever enough to survive, lived long enough to reproduce.

Nowadays, with endless help groups and support networks and government programs, people who would have starved to death in the past are now surviving and breeding, as are their children.  The inevitable result must be a general lowering of IQ.  It’s not your imagination – people really are getting dumber every year.

Imagine that a new Black Death or Spanish Flu kills off 70% of the world’s population.  Would the survivors be smart enough to rebuild?  Or would our civilization disappear, to be discovered centuries from now as stone ruins deep in some jungle where St. Paul used to be?

Joe Doakes

In a semi-related matter, I’ve had a piece in my “drafts” folder for a few months now about how The Walking Dead is the most conservative thing Hollywood has produced in a generation.

I may have to finish it.

4 thoughts on “Call For Mr. Hobbs

  1. It strikes me that the struggle for survival in the world is really more of a test of character and political institutions than it is an IQ test. If someone with an IQ of 80 learns to keep his sewage separate from his drinking water, for example, the odds of his children reaching adulthood pretty much double. If he bathes, another big boost in survival. Learn to farm and build strong family ties, as in marriage? Another huge boost in longevity. The list goes on and on…

    And that is the scariest thing. We are forgetting this.

  2. TWD takes place in a comic book universe. It’s not our world. The characters call them “walkers,” because in their universe there was no popular culture concept of zombies. Their tech is mostly modern but their PC tech seems to have stalled with the invention of the Atari cartridge gaming system.

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