Reasons To Get Your Carry Permit, Part CLXVIII

Four Saint Paul yoots arrested for systematic robberies, followed by brutal rapes.

The sexual assaults began with a robbery. The suspects used a gun to threaten the teens and two of their friends and, before stealing their cellphones, forced them to unlock the phones and turn off applications used to find stolen cells.

Three of the four young men charged are gang members, the Ramsey County attorney’s office said.

“Despite the victims complying with their orders and handing over their valuables, the perpetrators in this case forced the female victims into a car and repeatedly raped them,” said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi. “These allegations are brutally horrific, and we will prosecute these defendants to the fullest extent of the law as we attempt to achieve justice for the victims, their families and our community.”

I”m gonna go out on a limb and say that not only would “jiustice” have been achieved if one or more of the thugs involved had ended up sprawled on the ground with 4-5 shots to the chest, but the deterrent effect would make the riverfront a lot safer.

I mean, has anyone tried to rob anyone on East River Road by Saint Thomas lately?

11 thoughts on “Reasons To Get Your Carry Permit, Part CLXVIII

  1. The victims in this case were all too young to qualify for a carry permit, but your point is taken.

    There does seem to be a recent spike in violent assaults in the St. Paul area of late.

  2. Re: victims’ ages – noted (although not in my post).

    If one planned to be a “good samaritan” in a case like this, doing it unarmed would have been exceptionally risky. Doing it armed, about the same .

  3. I’d have shed no tears if a PTC citizen had come upon them and in the course of events they were all dispatched. They’d better get maximum time in prison!!

    I don’t think it was good that the teen victims were allowed to be out at that time of night. Did the parents know?

  4. Oh sure, like this doesnt ever happen in your racist white neighborhoods.

    Bigots gonna big, or something. Go burn a cross.

  5. I dunno – this occurred in St. Paul which is notoriously hostile to gun owners (there isn’t a single store in the entire city where you can buy a firearm or ammunition). And they forced the strained interpretation of “carry” to the court of appeals in that recent case. I question whether the prosecutor’s office would accept a Good Samaritan argument.

    “Minnesota law requires you to retreat if you safely can. You were not personally threatened, you could have retreated and left the other victims to provide their own self-defense. You chose to play vigilante, probably because you hate Black people and want to lynch them, which is why you went out armed looking for trouble at 1:00 a.m. We must act to protect society from killers like you.”

    This is why Stand Your Ground is so important. And why the Republicans who let it die again need to be hammered at every turn.

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  7. This is why Stand Your Ground is so important. And why the Republicans who let it die again need to be hammered at every turn.

    All that need to be said, Thanks JD!!!

  8. It strikes me that one of the things I might learn if I were to take a carry permit class would be “a carry permit is no excuse to be outside late at night in a dicey neighborhood.” You intercept thugs, most likely, when they go into neighborhoods you frequent at times when you’re willing to be out.

    15 year old was out after curfew, BTW. What we need for this kind of thing is for more parents to remind their kids that as a rule, nothing good happens after 11pm if you’re not with your spouse.

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