I’ll Cop To It

I’m a sucker for this kind of story; Roy Larner, a 47 year old bloke from London, took on three knife-swinging terrorists with his fists, yelling “F**k yoiu, I’m Millwall” (a Brit soccer team):

Now out of the intensive care ward of St Thomas’ Hospital, where he was treated for knife wounds all over his body including his neck, the father-of-one has told The Sun how he reacted when the killers burst into the restaurant shouting “Islam, Islam” and “This is for Allah”.

“Like an idiot,” he told the newspaper, “I shouted back at them. I thought, ‘I need to take the p*** out of these b******s’.”

“I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘F*** you, I’m Millwall’. So they started attacking me.”

No mythmaking needed; Larner is pretty sober about the actual consequences of what he did; he was stabbed eight times:

“It was the worst thing I could have done as they carried on attacking me.

“Luckily, none of the blows were straight at me or I’d be dead.”

Again – such a good thing the British people are utterly disarmed; who knows how bad things could’ve gotten?

3 thoughts on “I’ll Cop To It

  1. Millwall fans are notorious for their hooliganism, which is saying something, because in England almost all the clubs have their share of that sort of thing. No surprise that a Millwall fan would be the one to fight back like that.

  2. He is alive, the perps are dead. I love it when a story has a happy ending! Snif….

  3. 47yr. old Roy Larner is a bad ass! There have been many times in history where an individual has put their own life on the line protecting others. Sadly it seems that many ran away while he was fighting for his life. I hope he feels some relief in his pain knowing that his attackers ended up dead.

    I’d call Mr. Larner a sheepdog.

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