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Yesterday, we reported on the fishy use of camera angles in presenting Saturday’s Dreamsicle rally in Minneapolis.   While the media narrative was that the events were well-attended, the photographic evidence from the even couldn’t be shot from angles tight enough to show that attendance was sparsse at best…

…and, from the looks of it, mostly not people from North Minneapolis.

We caught the Strib fluffing for Betsy Hodges yesterday.

Today, it’s the Minnpost.  Read their photo caption (before it gets disappeared):

“We’re the MinnPost. We’re funded by the Joyce Foundation, which also funds “Protect” Minnesota, not to mention contributions from Minnesoto’s gun-phobic self-appointed elite. So when we say there were hundreds at a gun grabber rally, but only a couple dozen are ever visible, nearly all of them painfully obviously the saime white, ELCA-hair-coiffed Subaru-driving Whole-Foods-shopping Southside liberals that turn up for every gun-grabber rally, well, who are you going to believe?  Us, or your lying eyes?”

Oh, yeah;  it’s not just photographic history being fluffed:

North Minneapolis resident Nikki McComb said she’d like to see more creative solutions in addressing gun violence. For instance, she said, she helped run a north Minneapolis gun buy-back project last year called Art Is My Weapon, which bought back weapons, no questions asked, and redistributed the disassembled pieces to north side artists for use in their works.

What made the project so effective, McComb said, was that it rid the streets of 250 guns while giving something positive back to the community. “We’re just really trying to use art as a catalyst for change,” she said.

Remember that “Gun Buyback” fiasco?   Read the story.   It got some guns – out of gun owners’ closets and attics, not “the streets”.


legal shotgun

Read the writing on the “stock”.

Observers say it was more like single digits; not even a quarter of “250”

The MinnPost:  doing Fake News (at least about guns) before it was called that!


4 thoughts on “Fake Minneapolis

  1. Mpls Blue Elite (MBE) is predominately baby boomers who became comfortable and secure in the sure knowledge that the Strib, CCO, MPR, etc would reliably report the “news” exactly as they wished it reported. Their security lay in the sure knowledge that NO conflicting narratives would find an audience, lacking as those apostate narratives were in broad distribution channels it was always easy to dismiss them as fringe nutjobs. The MBE sincerely believe that they still have a stranglehold on the narrative delivery channels. They can’t quite grasp what has happened in the last 20 years which is why they thought Hillary would be elected by acclamation.
    In fact most Baby Boomer Blues are, like Hillary, still using the playbooks from 1965-1980. They are politically, emotionally, and intellectually stunted post-adolescents frozen in time.

  2. “North Minneapolis resident Nikki McComb said she’d like to see more creative solutions in addressing gun violence.”

    For extra credit, go to the Google and look up the arrest records for the McCombs clan.

    Jason Andrew McComb
    Kevionte McComb
    Octavia McComb

    I’m guessing those are Nikki’s issue, or nephews / niece.

    But hey, its de white privilege done dem chillins dat way, y’all. Reparashuns gone be ness-sary.

  3. read the writing on the stock

    Yes, but the important question here is “Did he get enough money for this alleged shotgun to make a profit?”

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