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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hollywood is where they make movies, fictional stories presented for entertainment.  They are carefully scripted, staged and shot to show the best angles and most effective presentation.

Pallywood is the term given to movies made by Palestinians, fictional stories presented to gin up outrage against Israel.  They are carefully scripted, staged and shot to show the best angles and most effective presentation.

And now we have CNN-wood, a fictional story presented by CNN to pretend that ordinary Muslims are against ISIS and Islamic terrorism.  The story was carefully scripted, staged and shot to show the best angles and most effective presentation.

Movies that we know show fake scenes is one thing.  We willingly suspend disbelief to enjoy the story.  Propaganda that we suspect may be fake is something else, but we are suspicious enough not to be taken in.

The news media creating a news story that it knows to be fake, but which it presents as the truth, is a deliberate lie told with intent to deceive.  If we cannot rely on the news to report honestly, how can we distinguish it from propaganda?  And if we can’t distinguish it, why should we give journalists any respect?

(MItch:  we can’t, good question, and as a group we should not; there are honest journos, but the institutions are rotten to the core).

Stories like this validate Trump’s assertion that the major media is fake news.

They make Trump credible.

Joe Doakes

And I think about half of this country knows that.

(And a quarter thinks the media is in the bag for the right.  Yep.  They’re out there somewhere).

23 thoughts on “Fake Reality

  1. “[I think about half of this country knows that.”
    By “half” do you mean the 38% of the country that approves or the 56% that disapproves of Trump?

    It’s really hard to tell who is driving the bus and who is under it on any particular day.

  2. I write a column explaining that the major media uses fake stories to support The Narrative and right on cue, Emery triumphantly refutes me by citing a fake poll from a fake news story supporting The Narrative.

    It’s like I’m talking to a wall, here.

  3. I suppose most “ordinary” Muslims do not approve of terrorism. They aren’t willing to do much about it, however. In nearly every case of Muslim terrorism outside of the ME, it is clear that the perpetrators’ Muslim friends and family had a pretty good idea what was going on, and refused to stop it or talk to the police.
    It is an open question whether or not Islamist terrorist violence is or is not a legitimate expression of Islam. That, as they say, is for the Muslims themselves to decide (not politicians). I will note that Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea in a Muslim ceremony. He was considered a good Muslim by other Muslims.

  4. Let me get this straight — we support Iran against ISIS, Saudi Arabia against Iran, the Kurds against Turkey, Turkey against Syria, and Syria against ISIS. OK, I’ve lost count. Strategic confusion, anyone?  

  5. So, Emery, from that ivory tower of certainty you’ve constructed, can you, for the benefit of us “flyover potato farmer sister fuckers [who] don’t vote for the candidates [you] tell [us] are best”, give us just a quick sketch, no need to get into any messy details, of what you (and your ilk) would do better? More money to Iran? Kick Netanyahu in the nuts? Another dinner with al-Assad?

    I look forward to the enlightenment.

  6. Emery; that’s what happens after someone “leads from behind” for 8 years and allows situations with ISIS, Syria,and Turkey to get out of control.

  7. One can make an analogy between Islamic terrorism and Christian terrorism.
    Well, you can’t, really, and that alone tells you something. The idea that there are Christian terrorist movements is pushed by the Left, but there is no such thing.
    Some of the so-called Christian terrorist movements are in reality nationalist or, in the US, white nationalist groups. Their religion is a secondary feature. If the KKK or the IRA had to choose between their nationalism and their religion, religion would be thrown out. Threats of excommunication didn’t stop the IRA terrorists. We also know that this is how the Nazis viewed religion. It served the needs of the state, not vice-versa.
    There have been two terrorist attacks for religious reasons against abortionists and abortion clinics recently: in late 2015, Robert Lewis Dear attacked an abortion clinic in Colorado Springs, killing three. In 2009, abortionist George Tiller was assassinated by Scott Roeder while attending services at a Lutheran Church.
    Both Roeder and Dear were poorly educated, lived on the margins of society, and were not associated with any Christian sect or denomination. Both had struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues.
    Compare this with the monthly (or even weekly) terrorist mass killings in Europe and the US. They are planned, organized affairs with multiple actors, and the Islamic religion is explicitly cited as the motivation of the terrorists.

  8. Fake news roundup.
    NRO has collected the massive number of MSM news stories claiming, matter of factly, that Trump was under investigation by the FBI:
    We now know from Comey’s testimony that Trump was never under investigation by the FBI. Hillary was, of course, though Lynch tried to talk Comey into referring to it as a “matter” rather than an “investigation”.
    All of the stories claiming that Trump was being investigated by the FBI for his Russia ties were fake news.
    All of them.

  9. Woolly wrote: “All of the stories claiming that Trump was being investigated by the FBI for his Russia ties were fake news.”

    Trump’s campaign subordinates are an entirely different matter.

  10. Keep pushing them goalposts, Emery.
    Howzabout relatives of associates of Trump subordinates?

  11. Incompetence and bumbling are not a crime. I’ll patiently wait for Muller’s investigation to conclude.

  12. Incompetence and bumbling are not crimes, yes, but leaking classified information is. Interesting here is that the FBI did NOT have clear information linking Trump staffers with Russian involvement in the election, but they, or other agencies, chose to lawlessly release classified information anyways.


  13. Emery wrote: “Incompetence and bumbling are not a crime”

    And thank goodness, otherwise you’d be writing that comment from jail.

  14. There is not enough here to impeach Trump. He’s a bad president, but this doesn’t amount to the sort of grave crimes against the constitution which will see his own party turf him out.

  15. Comey said in his testimony that he authorized a friend to leak Comey’s notes, hoping it would result in a special investigator.

    no special investigator has ever concluded the investigation without claiming a scalp to justify the wasted millions and hours.

  16. “I’ll patiently wait for Muller’s investigation to conclude.”
    What crime is Mueller investigating, oh patient one?
    None of the “anonymous” sources leaked the info that Trump was not subject to an investigation. A real journalist would be pissed enough to drop “anonymous sources” pursuing a personal vendetta.
    No MSM journalists will do this.

  17. . . . but this doesn’t amount to the sort of grave crimes against the constitution which will see his own party turf him out.
    “high crimes and misdemeanors” does not include “grave crimes against the constitution”?
    You are not thinking rationally, Emery. I suppose you realize that at some level.

  18. Dunning_Kruger Incognito displays the same sort of unsophisticated, willfully mendacious presence Prof Kreapy did on nitwitter back in the day (has it been four years?), with the added bonus of course, of being a profligate perjurer. At least Kreapy’s slapstick was original.

    They realize at some level, as Mamm suggests, everyone in the room is laughing at them, but I suppose it’s better than leaning their heads against the wall and letting drool run out of their mouths.

    It has been suggested that if you let a monkey pound a keyboard long enough, it will produce a coherent sentence. I suppose the same is true for Dunning_Kruger.

    So we wait.

  19. While I’m still not sure Trump has broken laws (Unfortunately, ignorance, ineptitude, and sheer incompetence are legal), I’m happy there’s a nonpartisan investigation to verify it.

  20. No swifty, SFB,s last comment proves that he indeed spends an inordinate amount if time propped up against the wall, drooling.

  21. JPA: How are your Brexit predictions going working out for you? I see Theresa May got the kicking she thoroughly deserved. The big question now is: when will May start tweeting incoherent lies at 3am? Apparently that’s the mark of a truly great leader and May is desperate for any illusion she can cling to.

  22. Scott’s dead wrong on Comey. He should have been shown the door in mid-2016, when he came up with that cockamamie theory on Hilliary.

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