Nature Or Nurture?

Is Colleen Campbell – reporter former reporter at Channel 17 in Philly – merely a nasty drunk?

Or a boundlessly-entitled “elite” Millennial?  Or a symptom of the most toxic neo-Victorian strain of feminism (being as obnoxious as any drunk man, but then pleading “you’re arresting a giiiiiirl for no f***ng reason” at 2:29)?

Whatever she is, she’s an ex reporter.

Is she an ex-reporter, because whatever our current media’s many, Many, Many, Many faults, there is at least one standard that most reputable news organizations enforce; you don’t try to invoke your position as a “journalist” in an argument with a business or, worse, the Law.

When I was at Hubbard in the eighties, a Channel 5 guy tried to bullly a restaurant owner with a furtive “I’m with Channel Five; do you know what I can do to you?” to try to impress the girlfriend.  His desk was cleaned out before he got to the station the next day.

So – was she fired because she was a toxic drunk, a horrible entitled person, or someone whose “power” had gone to her head?

Why choose?

I love the smell of career napalm in the morning.

20 thoughts on “Nature Or Nurture?

  1. She’s a woman. That makes her a member of a group that historically was discriminated against. Although she’s never personally been discriminated against and indeed, probably benefitted from Affirmative Action to get her education and job, she obtains vicarious virtue from group membership.

    She has a college degree. That makes her a fully-credentialed intellectual, smarter, wiser and possessing more penetrating insights than any working stiff. Her every utterance is a pearl cast before thuggish swine who aren’t capable of appreciating it.

    She’s a journalist. That’s one of the Noble Professions staffed by selfless martyrs making the world a better place, like Doctors Without Borders. She is entitled to deference by reason of her profession.

    She’s moderately pretty in a Sarah Silverman sort of way Pretty girls are entitled to everything, at all times, as every guy should know.

    No wonder she’s upset at being fired for her conduct. Her entire existence up to this point has convinced her she’s exempt from criticism, much less reprisal. It’s not her fault – it’s society’s fault – we’ve let her down, the poor dear. Write her a big check to make it all better.

  2. Kinda reminds me of Katherine Lanpher who was also known for her lack of moderation on the air and in the bar.Last I heard she was working for Al Jazerra, maybe she could reach out to Ms Campbell and recruit her.

  3. That police officer is a true credit to the profession. If I had been there, I would have told that to his supervisor that.

    I wonder if we’ll see the lame stream media reporting this? I won’t be holding my breath that any of them except Fox will even show it.

  4. Boss – I was thinking the same thing. He was standing there at the beginning thinking “she’s going to screw up sooner or later”.

    I was watching the boyfriend through it all. I’d feel sorry for him at having to deal with that, but he had to know what he was dealing with before that. He tried to de-escalate the situation and get her out of there, but was afraid of actually dragging her away, since she’d have likely claimed assault. That the officer didn’t have him stepping farther away after the arrest show that he was no threat. The bouncers right there probably didn’t hurt either.

  5. That reprobate’s foul language skillz rival DG’s.

    I admit, as a biased observer I may be wrong, but it is my distinct conclusion that women raised in conservative households do not have any fraction of the bilious, sexually depraved (lick my a**hole??) vocabulary that swirls in the vapid skulls of leftist women.

    Its nurture, clearly.

  6. How long before she hires on here in the Twin Cities? She’d fit right in most of the newsrooms around town.

  7. The officer is a credit to his profession. He was ready to let go on her way, but her arrogance and big mouth was her doom. Words are hurtful, but spitting is assault. The boyfriend needs to find a new gal.

  8. In the old system, you started out as a cub reporter covering things like school board meetings, and you would spend a certain amount of time smoking and drinking with the older guys as they gave you hints on how to refine your craft and get a bigger and better spot. It strikes me that the tragedy of this young lady is that she’s not had to do that.

  9. I love the smell of career napalm in the morning.

    I’m not particularly fond of it for newbies, even entitled, idiotic, leftist, deserving newbies. Even if she learns her lesson and begins to contemplate reality and her place in it she’s now essentially unemployable for the next decade or more except by a leftist bureaucracy and that’s a shame.

    In the old days this would have merited a sacking and maybe a small note in the paper and maybe, just maybe, the young person would learn enough to grow into an adult. Now, it’s gone viral and she’s going to be defined by this action.

  10. Nerdbert, I bet she could apologize in person to the officers and cop a decent plea deal, and then start over doing school board meetings.

    The thing that bothers me here about her is that her drinks that evening include at least two shots, a margarita, and at least two other drinks. All told that’s at least 7 shots of hard liquor in her, maybe 10, in a few hours, which probably puts her at at least .2% BAC. And she didn’t clue in that she’d had that much–it’s a classic symptom of early alcoholism.

  11. To paraphrase Ron White, she had the right to remain silent, but she didn’t have the ability.

    All she had to do was shut up and leave, and she might’ve kept her job.

    Mitch, I think you nailed it with the question on whether she’s an entitled Millenial– Even if she’d been in the right, she didn’t learn the lesson many of us Gen-X’ers did–sometimes you just need to swallow your pride. I wonder, if in retrospect, Ms. Campbell thinks that $70 was a small price to pay for continued employment?

  12. I kind of feel sorry for her.
    I suppose she can still get a job in TV journalism behind the camera.

  13. BB, the criminal charges are probably fairly far down on the list of things impairing her ability to make a living. You’re right, she’ll cop a plea if this is a first offense and get off with a warning, but the Internet won’t forget and everybody with whom she interviews will find that video pretty quickly. It used to be you could pull a stupid sophomoric screw-up and moving away would usually bury it enough for it to be a non-issue in the rest of your life, but that’s not the way things work now in the age of the Internet.

    Also, something I’ve noticed in the younger generation is that women are at least as hard drinking as men. Maybe it’s that feminism, you-go-girl do-anything-a-man-does thing. Physiologically and in terms of body mass it affects them more, though, and that generally doesn’t lead to good results.

  14. shaking,

    I thought that about the boyfriend, too, but, based on what I saw, I’m thinking that it might be a newer relationship. He clearly looked frustrated and she didn’t seem to respond to him at all. Of course, your assessment is probably correct, so my guess would be that she’ll lose him, too.

  15. This young lady’s career may have been on life support already. According to her LInkedIN, started college at 21, got an associate’s at 23, started undergrad, got undergrad at Temple at 27. Not on the fast track, and reflected in her dual jobs as reporter and barkeep as well, which may explain the fit she had over the $70, the price for two tickets to a better act at Helium.

    And if she paid–I’d guess yes from her fit–then she was probably the leader in the relationship, which might be why he didn’t keep her away from that second drink, or act more emphatically to get her out of trouble. He knew his place. Lots of things were probably blowing up for this young lady that night.

  16. Her mouth runs, she’s compelled to tell about her social status, profane in her nature to let folks know she’ll always be better than you. At the end of the day she’ll be an for advocate for a $15 minimum wage/

  17. Journalism is a dumb choice anyway for a career. So few of those people add any unique value either by their job situation or by not being smart enough, like lawyer level or whatever.

  18. This reminds me of Preya Samsundar of Alpha News. Mother of God that girl is smart and knows how to research stuff. If she doesn’t go big time, no one will.

  19. I think, as Nerdbert, BB and BH429 alluded to above, there are several factors at play here that brought her to this point. Problem is, these types of people get so far down the rabbit hole due to being part of the “participation trophy” generation, that often times the only thing that will wake them up and grow them up is immense pain. Whether that takes the form of physical or financial/career. Often times in cases like these, they often need to be reminded of why financial/career things are happening to them.

    Much like a long time playground bully, nothing changes until they receive pain in return for committing the actions they commit.

  20. She’ll probably end up living in her parents basement while she pursues a different vocation.

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