Lie First, Lie Always: What Doesn’t Happen At Dreamsicle Day, Stays At Dreamsicle Day

The other, I noted the hilarious-yet-grim irony of Betsy Hodges, mayor (for now) of Minneapolis, whiich is by far the most violent city in Minnesota, lecturing the state on “gun safety” and “violence”.

Betsy Hodges, at Dreamsicle Day last weekend.

In recent years, as crime in the state at large has plummetted (and the number of law-abiding citizens with carry permits has skyrocketed), crime in Minneapolis is getting worse.

Nonetheless, the gun control movement (once thier serial lies are revealed) carries on trying to convince the undecided that

  1. there’s a yuge problem with violence outside the urban core, and
  2. there’s a groundswell of popular support for addressing it by stripping the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

We address the former quite frequently on this blog.  The latter point takes a little more patience, but it’s out there.

Last year, I pointed out the laughably sparse turnout at “Protect” MN and Moms Want Action events in Eagan and on the mean streets by the Stone Arch Bridge by the Guthrie.

And this year?

Look at the photo of Mayor Hodges, above, standing in front of the banner wearing a dress made from a tablecloth salvaged from an old “Chi-Chis” restaurant.  Interesting angle, no?

Here’s the view from behind Her Honor, toward the, ahem, crowd.

25 people, not counting the cop.  And four of them are affiliated with “Protect” MN and Moms Want Action.  And the “rally” is in North Minneapolis, sort of – but the crowd, almost to a person, has that “south Minneapolis” look about them; the ELCA hair,


6 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: What Doesn’t Happen At Dreamsicle Day, Stays At Dreamsicle Day

  1. Dude…the Minnpost says:

    “Hundreds attended Saturday’s rally for gun violence awareness at North Commons Park.”


    And they got a picture with some small fraction of those hundreds to prove there were, in fact, hundreds.

    The Minnpost employs journalists. They have won journalism awards for journalists by journalists. They know stuff….Layers and layers of gatekeepers, Mitch. All of which proves the facts have a liberal bias.

    You simply cant win this argument.

  2. The number of guns in private hands has, what, doubled since 1990? While gun crime has been cut in half?
    And the vast majority of gun crimes are committed by people who are not, shall we say, white, suburban NRA supporters?
    These people are ludicrous. They have no intention of lowering gun crime, their goal is to oppress the people they they believe are their political enemies. And believe me, their political enemies ain’t the inner city types who actually use guns to murder people.

  3. It looks like that second picture, the one with the 1s (instead of 100s) of people was made unavailable.

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  5. Hey, c’mon you math illiterates. .1 hundred is still hundreds. If you look at it correctly.

  6. You could even say zero hundreds and have a multiple of 100. Sad that this kind of thing doesn’t kill anti-gun-activists’ credibility, though.

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